How long do you tend to mediate for each day?

Amanda P.
This is what I have the hardest time to keep up with I skip many times but tbh I like to do 3- 10 min preferably a day…
Lanie Y.
It depends on the day. If I am feeling more stressed or anxious I will meditate for a little longer but on most days I meditate 10-12 minutes.
Rebecca Q.
I am new to meditation so I have started with 10-15 mins, no more. I am using guided meditations focused on the body, gratitude and relaxation for deep sleep and I must say that I can see the difference.
Barbara C.
I meditate every morning for about 15 minutes. Sometimes guided with an app, sometimes unguided.
I also join a weekly live group meditation via Zoom for about 20 minutes.
Athena W.
I am a very restless person so I only do 5-10 minutes each day. Just do however long you can deal with sitting still for. Remember to start small 😊
Dunja T.
I tend to meditate about 10~15 minutes per day. i keep each meditation session a short burst since i have a very bad attention span and can only keep myself centered for so long
Amber T.
I meditate for only 5-10 mins in the morning but sometimes I’ll also do a little at night or before bed if I’m having trouble sleeping 😴
Joe Z.
0 minutes. I use this app and meditate more now, to be honest, I have no practice meditating but I did think. I reflect on things happening to me with respect to other people and family all the time. Other than that, not much meditation done in a day by me. I just study and immerse myself in anything I can do. Thank you for letting me reflect on this app. (Note to self and app)
Mataya P.
I usually go for 5 minutes but when I am stressed out I go for 10. I do not have that much time to do a long session but I might try it out sometime. 😊
Debra Y.
Nearly 15 mins each day or if I am free than half an hour each day… I have to go to collage so nearly 15 mins each day and in weekends half an hour with my
Cec Lia E.
I just now started meditating and it has started to change me I’ve been listening more and focusing on my health and my body and mindset and I’m thankful for this app already
Rosa X.
Sometimes 10 minutes or longer but i have days when i just do it for 5 minutes because i have less time than usual. Anyway little things matter and they are better than nothing.
Lydia C.
For me, I usually meditate for about 45 minutes a day. 15 in the morning, 30 in the evening. It helps me sleep, and get stress out of the way. I recommend!
Ida C.
Well, I usually meditate once a day specially in the morning where I am able to open up my mind in a way to creat new ideas while gathering more information to be more aware in my acts. My tarjet is closer than I think and I will work hard to build it up.
Karl Georg O.
I was writing my exam as a result I didn't have enough time on my side to meditate so I used only 5mins per day to meditate
Garance Z.
If I use a guided meditation, I like ones around 15 minutes, but I’ve done half hour ones before. On my own, though, I don’t tend to time it. I just go until it feels right to stop, which does tend to be quicker than when it’s guided.
Mapi N.
There really isn’t a minimum of time to meditate so if you are on a hurry a two to three minute meditation is perfect. But if you have more time ten minutes of meditation is wonderful and will get you in a state of relaxation.
Diana S.
Before only while driving. Now while biking or walking. Due to this, meditation has been more intermittent. Now that others at home practice meditation inwards and active listening outwards, even intermittent meditation works better than a cigarette break does.
Lindsay X.
I meditate for 10 minutes every morning giving myself a morning pep talk and go into my day with 3 phrases. I am beautiful, I am confident, I am me.
Derek Q.
I think for the rest of my life. I can really see the positive effect of meditating in the morning. It’s an amazing feeling that’s new to me. But worth keeping it.
Andrerick N.
i meditate for 10 minutes in the morning!! then if i have time or feel like i need to calm down i will take some time to do it again!!
Andrea E.
Hi dear. I don’t meditate every single day. What I do is praying instead. But when I meditate after prayers it goes between 20-30 minutes. Hope this helps you.