When do you find it hardest to meditate? When do you find it the easiest?

Richard Q.
Every moment of every day is an available moment of meditation. Just the act of being present in the moment is a form of meditation.
Robert J.
The easiest is in the morning, ideal time is 4.30 or 5.00 am. The hardest time in the evening before go to bed because your body tends to take rest than meditate.
Karen S.
I find it hardest to meditate when my son is home cause he need constant attention, easiest is when I've had enough sleep and am alone in my bedroom
El Na O.
The morning is the easiest time for me to meditate! At night I do like it but it is hard for me with my kiddos around. In the morning I feel refreshed and can really concentrate.
Silke Z.
It is hardest just before bed at night when I am tired. I‘m not sure it is ever easy but perhaps when I am walking by myself.
Zachary B.
I find it easier to do it in the evening.
I’m not so anxious to get started with the day, and I’m usually finished with the day. I don’t have a stressful job so I don’t bring work worries home with me which would interfere with getting relaxed.
Keep going , and experiment!
Jane C.
I find it hardest to meditate when my emotions are high. I find it easiest during the day, on the train or in my quiet office.
V Nia N.
I just started meditating. I find meditatimg in the morning to be quite a challenge. I wake up, make coffee, drink coffee, get ready for work and go. Right before bed is the best time for me. I listen to a guided meditation on my phone with a headset. Within 15 minutes, I'm usually asleep. Meditation is helping me sleep longer and feel more refreshed the next morning.
Stanley U.
I find it hardest during the busy day… when I know that someone can call me and disrupt my meditation anytime, but I still try to get a few minutes in the afternoon all for myself so I can meditate and re-center. It’s easiest for me in the evening, where I can have a longer period of meditation and I know no one can bother me. Evenings are also when I can think about what happened during the day, assess what I like and what I didn’t, be grateful for things that happened, and plan the next day.
Mimon O.
My hardest time to meditate was when I lost inevitable of my friends and it was a rough day and Maybe every time I have a really bad day it’s hard. My easiest time was the time i got the poster of my idol which was huge I was just so happy about that.
Milan U.
Hardest? At night before bed. I am tired, and impatient. I want to go straight to bed instead of bother with my routine.

Easiest? In the morning. I’m not so tired and it is easier to quiet myself and settle in to my body.

Herbert R.
I try to use mindfulness meditation as it can be done anywhere and any time. The book for that is called’ Th Miracle of Mindfulness’. It helps me slow down and smell the roses.
La R Z.
For me, there’s a difference between effective mediation and lazy meditation. I find that if I do it at night before going to sleep, I actually fall asleep pretty quickly and can’t get the benefits of it. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the effects all day if I do it first thing in the morning. It does get different in the mornings too if my baby wakes up before I do.