Suggestions for guided meditations? (YouTube, apps,…)

Savannah Y.
In the past weeks I have used the guided meditation through YouTube and the Calm app. Even though I like the guided meditation of fabulous app. I am in search of reprogramming my subconscious mind. The 6 phase meditation it helping me, as I suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. I understand that a lot of my internal beliefs are held in my subconscious mind. Unfortunately to the extend of the trauma I need to learn to reprogram my subconscious mind.
Sean O.
Personally, I relax very easily with meditation and will fall asleep if it is more than 10 minutes, so my go to is the fabulous 5 minute guided meditation because it relaxes me and takes away my stress quickly. Other than that headspace is an absolutely amazing service with many free or paid options available.
Galaza E.
Meditating during a got shower or bath is an amazing way to relieve tension and stress all at once. For early morning meditations, try a morning guided meditation by Sandra Wapniarski, with a warm cup of orange or lemon zest tea or for a blissful evening rest try the evening meditation for a peaceful night sleep. Add lavender or vanilla scented oils and candles for ultimate stress relief.
Jeremiah P.
Definitely try The Honest Guys on YouTube. They have a wide variety of guided meditations for everyone.
Daouane F.
One of my favorite apps is Daily Yoga. They have great guided mediations as well as other practices. Just adhering to the Breathe app prompts on the iWatch can be really restoring very quickly.
Curtis F.
I used the Calm app for the last couple of years and found that the timer was more useful than the guided meditations due to her voice being overly happy and slightly unnatural sounding.

Recently, I switched to the Insight Timer and I love the thousands of different meditations and mindfulness courses on there. I love it! I have found the variety the most valuable part of the app for me. I also love the timer function with adjustable singing bowl sounds.

When I dont want any kind of guided meditation but need a background sound I use the My Noise app. Best sounds ever, curated by a sound engineer. You can access his collections for free on the web at or a simpler version of his sound generators at Calmyleon.
Good luck and peaceful meditation to you.

Marcelina Z.
I am currently using the following apps for guided meditation…
Mindbliss, let's meditate and insight timer… I find that these offer a wide range of meditations … you can choose the content, the length the type of meditation to suit your needs for that particular moment… mindbliss and insight timer offer journeys that allow you to start with one meditative theme and improve upon this… Some meditation are pure sounds or chanting whilst others are affirmations, still others are fully or partly guided and others just ask you to sit still and listen. I used to think that meditation was sitting in an awkward position and having a totally quiet mind but it definitely is not the case… Anyway I suggest that you give the aforementioned apps a try n see if they are a good fit with you… Happy meditation 😊
Cl Mentine S.
I’m really appreciating the Sam Harris “waking up” app. It’s helping me understand meditation on a more fundamental level somehow.
Mikkel W.
I only use Fabulous or my own way of meditating without any need of music or guide, my own style and helps a lot. Might try YouTube or other apps some time
Herma A.
Calm has mediations. It’s an app called Calm, it’s free but you need premium just like this amazing app to have everything.
Max P.
Insight Timer!
Holly P.
Personally, I love the Headspace app. Been using it for 2 years. It’s great for starting out new with meditation with their basics series, but there are many helpful other series to help you focus in on things you want to improve or get support on. Plus, the voices are super relaxing and meditative.
Wesley X.
I love headspace, but you can also YouTube a ton of free meditations.
Arthur E.
I've always liked Glenn Harold's apps. I like Binural beats as well. My favorite one is an old app that is only on iTunes, and since I've switched to Android, I can only use it on my old iPad. I use them when I have trouble sleeping also.
Chester C.
I personally prefer apps for guided meditation. They offer a variety of different meditation practices ranging from meditations for particular moods to meditations for specific areas like procrastination, improving focus, body relaxation etc.