What meditation technique do you use?

Diana P.
I usually have to use different ma app to guide me. I also use the one in this app, and I just follow up. I regularly do it twice a day. Morning and night.
Christine N.
I like to use yoga in the morning as my meditation. At night I start of with my face cream and foot cream that have lavender in them and I take three big deep breaths. This then sets the scene for my meditation
Caitlyn Q.
I start by focusing on my feet on the ground and my body on the couch (I fall asleep meditating if I’m lying down). Then I bring my attention to my breathing. I let my breathing slow down some and hold the breaths a bit longer. When I start to feel that fuzzy warm feeling I say in my head “calm” on each slow exhale until I’m in the desired meditation state. This usually takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes
Teresa Q.
I would recommend to try many guided meditations and see which gives you the “feel”. I personally like body scan meditation.