It is difficult for me to me concentre when I am meditating, lots of thought are comming, what can I do?

Redj B.
Thats okay. I experience the same in some of my meditation times. We can't avoid thinking a lot of things, thus lessens our concentration. Try some of these suggestions: do your best to be consistent on your schedule; find a music or sound that fits best to how relaxed you want to be. If the meditation music offered by Fabulous doesn't suit you, listen to some in Spotify or YT; and lastly during your meditation, close your eyes and feel the music. Give it some time to sink into your thoughts. Then do slow breathing – inhale thru your nose and exhale slowly thru your mouth. Relax your body by removing the weight on your muscles (shoulders, arms, thighs) and just remain calm. Hope this helps.
Julian O.
free your mind. try to think only at that moment. If it doesn't work, I advise you to work on your attention and focus later.
Afonso P.
meditation is not about not thinking, in fact, having thoughts coming is actually good. let me explain: when you are meditating you have a focus object (breath or sensations, vision etc), it would be impossible to have a empty head, thoughts will come. And although sometimes we think meditation is about clearing our mind, it is more about being able to know “oh ok i have been thinking for a few moments, im glad i realized it, good, now back to my object of focus” and that sense of always having an anchor like your breath for example is what makes meditation good for you. The ability to lose concentration, notice it, and without judgement going back to your object of focus is what makes your mind feel at peace, not trying too hard not to think, thats just gonna stress you out more because we as humans cant not think. Hope i helped 🙂
Ishika G.
It is not difficult for me. I try to focus on my breath and my body movements when breathing. However, some thoughts especially bad ones which make me feel insecure come and go. When they come I acknowledge those thoughts knowing they are bad thoughts and I let them drift away as I focus back on my breath.