What is your favorite simple meditation for when you’re out in public?

Allison Y.
Hi! When I am out in public and want to meditate, I focus on my breathing. Weather I am walking, sitting or standing still, I focus on how my natural breath is, in that moment. Next, I change my breath, by breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, pausing in between breaths. For me, meditating in public seemed kind’ve weird at first, but now I practice it daily. I hope this helped!
Joshua G.
When I am in public, I cannot do meditation. Instead to calm down my anxiety, I clench my fist tightly, after a while I feel relaxed.
Brooklyn Z.
I like to open my chakras. I focus on my seven chakras and repeat to myself: “I set the intention to activate my __ chakra.” All you have to do is set the intention even if sometimes I feel like I’m distracted, stressed or not really into it like I should be, you can still activate and clear your chakras. I like to focus on color and that color associates with the specific chakra I am focusing on. When I breathe in I imagine the color growing in intensity. I also like to say in my inner thoughts the thing I would like to use this chakra for. For example, “I activate my heart chakras in order to spread love to everyone I come in contact with today.” This way I can set a specific intention that the universe can then manifest.
Martin P.
I don’t remember what its called but I do the thing where you have to name five things you can see four you can hear three you can feel two you can smell and one taste to bring myself back to the present.
Mathieu T.
I like to chose two opposing words such as calm/stress or love /hate. I like to think in my head breathe in the calm. Breathe out the stress.
Deanna U.
Headsets for music and use simple Breathing to bring attention to yourself. If u like, u can close the eyes. Also try walking meditation.
Josefine P.
A simple breathing exercise.. breath in for the count of 4 or 5 whichever you are most comfortable with and then exhale for the same count all through your nose. Do this for at least 1 minute; I usually do it for 2 minutes at least. It gives you calmness, distresses, increases focus and just makes you feel refreshed!!
Elmar T.
When I am out in public, I will focus on my breath one to three times to remind myself where I am, looking around the surroundings. If I am walking, I will concentrate on my walk one to three steps.
Samuel Y.
Just calm myself and observe things and people around me. Like I want to draw them. Observe every detail, shadow and light. Observe joints and how they work. Or sometimes I just put my headphones on listen some music, close my eyes and imagine nice place.
Nivaldo A.
I close my eyes and have 5 long breaths, imagining my self abstracting from the situation where I am. I try think how small is the situation I am facing in the world and in the timeline of my life.
Charlene J.
My favorite simple meditation for when I'm out in public is to either focus on sounds around me or focus on my breathing. Focusing on the sounds gives me a chance to grow my attention to detail because I can pick out parts of sounds or quieter sounds from the others. Focusing on my breathing is just a go to for me when I need to meditate.
Judd S.
I enjoy the simple breathing exercisethe most it makes you stop and just take that moment and concentrate on your breathing it gives you the time to center. Also i like the look from about meditation. It is a good reminder that there are 7 billion people that surround us and they all have human needs and we are just a small part of the whole
Giani Q.
personally, I feel like you should get in the habit of meditating anytime your mind isn't in active thought and I like the four Ho'oponopona mantras… I'm sorry please forgive me thank you and I love you