What do you think about during meditation? Is it somewhat like prayer (self-reflection).

Allison U.
I start off with some reflection but even that's too distracting so I focus on the breathe, in and out, nothing more. Every time I notice my mind drifting I note it, thought, distraction, feeling/body sensation and then continue breathing
Thomas X.
I think about whatever happens to pass through my mind. I let my thoughts free flow and often deep memories appear out of thin air for me to self reflect on.
Valmira E.
My mind wanders. I think about things I have to do, I get ideas for things I wasn't even trying to think about. I try to focus on breathing in and out, but I'm somehow unable to clear my mind.
Gene E.
Somewhat. Check out the Waking Up app and their meditation program. It was designed by Sam Harris, a neuroscientist. For a less Zen and more relaxed meditation course, 10% Happier is good too, but I prefer Waking Up.
Clara B.
It’s not what I think about during meditation. It’s how I feel. I’m trying to collect and then push away the thoughts as they come. To give myself a mental break. To be able to then go back with a fresh focus, or be able to sleep at night. What do I think about? The day, the events, how I felt through the day, and with each thought I visualize them floating away.
Jose Y.
I think about different things, like focusing on my breath, my third eye, the dark and the colours I see. I try to think about what I feel in my body if my mind wanders too far.