Morning or evening meditations? Which is better? Or is it both, and which method?

Lucille C.
Both are good and have their own benefits. Morning meditation gives you a chance to set your day and your intention, while doing so at night gives you a chance to unwind and reflect on the events of the day and outcomes.
Tilman E.
Both morning and evening. Meditation can be great anytime you need to refocus and relax. Which method really depends on how you feel and how much time you have.
Mechthild P.
I prefer evening because i use meditation for reflecting on the events of the day. And i can make better decisions and pray about them
Alberto T.
Trying living in meditation. It is nice to have a quiet moment. But when you meditate through every mundane things like walking in stairs, brushing teeth etc. you realise how every time it is different. And that every moment is. Nothing is truly boring if you dear to see. My only advise is read Eckhart Tolle’s books!
Monika Y.
I like evening meditation because it allows me to reflect on my day. I like to sit cross-legged on my bed and for the first few minutes get into breathing and relaxing then I recite positive affirmations and list as many things I'm grateful for as possible. I call this my Sleep Armor routine.
Miranda Z.
I find morning meditation much more supportive to me. I gets me centered for my day and I am less likely to skip it because of a busy daily schedule or being too tired at night.
Livio F.
I meditate morning and evening. I find it's a great way to get my mind going for the day and a great way to unwind before bed.
Silke G.
I do both morning and evening meditations, however I feel the evening meditations are more beneficial; especially the sleep ones. The guided meditations help to keep me focused.
Tain Q.
But I do evening meditations more. Would like to start doing more morning meditations because it's a great way to clear your head and start your day off right (and not in a rush!)
Walentina R.
I think evening meditation is the best because it gives you the chance to sort through the day’s activities and then come to conclusions about the happenings and issues of that day bringing a sense of acceptance and closure to the day’s events and happenings. Morning meditation gives a sense of buoyancy and levelheaded actions you wouldn’t have if you left it out of your routines, but if you happen to miss or forget your morning meditation your evening meditation will aright your mental awareness and state of mind at the end of your day.
Judy T.
Well that a good question Monday through Friday I meditate at lunch as part of my daily habits then at night before I go to bed I meditate usually in bad I find this to be the most relaxing part of my day now on weekends it's a little different I meditate before I get out off bed mostly the session on present the head to toe with constant practice of the breath at night I meditate on my chair I set a timer a d the just let go 10 minutes to start then maybe a extra 5 minutes
Randall L.
Morning meditations are better because you start your day with the mindset that you’re focused and you’re productive and you have are spiritually sound and starting from a good place evening meditations are good however if you’ve had a productive and wonderful day you don’t necessarily want to think before you go to bed I would say that morning is better and evening is not that
Larry X.
It really depends on how you plan out your day. I tend to meditate in the evenings on weekdays as I don’t get a chance in the morning. On weekends I meditate in the mornings as they are quite relaxed.
Liam T.
In the morning or after lunch meditation give me the presence and the distance to everything happen during the day… instead in the evening it prepare me to a very quiet night…and you could think about 3 great events or meetings you can be grateful… in the evening sometime is also a sort of prayer for what I have around me… and for the day next….
Marius W.
Although I sometimes meditate before sleep, Morning meditations are the best. This is the time to listen to myself, meet myself and set my intentions for the day ahead.
Mario E.
Both ideally. Morning meditation helps with focus and evening meditation helps with sleep. Supposedly the people who are really good at this do it twice a day for 20 minutes per session, but I recommend starting with one 10 minute session before bed and working your way up. I’m now doing 10 minutes in the morning and before bed.
Lene T.
Morning meditation is good for a good starting and I mention the night meditation is best for me. it's so good for the relaxation and sleep. I love it ..