How long do you meditate? What time period works best for you?

J Ssica R.
Hi, I'm meditating before go to bed, it helps me to connect with my body, calm down, and relax after the stress that every day carries.
The inicial meditation program is 12 min, but it feels so good that usually I stay longer, around 20 min I'd say.
Aur Lien S.
I aim to meditate at least 5 minutes, making it a do-able goal, so I can stick to my commitment, hoping I can then more easily make it a daily habit.
Breno P.
I think just less than 20 minutes is okay, but then after meditating, you can also just learn something from what you are meditating or your thoughts.
Miranda F.
I don’t meditate the same time every day. I meditate for the amount of time I feel is needed. When I’m in highly emotional states I may meditate for longer, when I am calm I may meditate for a shorter period, it may be depended on what I am trying to get out of that meditation session. I let each session fit my needs in that present moment.
Brooke Y.
As a begginer I meditate from 5-10 minutes but trying different times always works because you want to know what is best for you!
Cathrin E.
Meditation is something I am struggling with. I have a lot of studying, so I tend to meditate once finished studying, give my brain a break. I do anywhere from 5-15 mins, once a day.
Michael A.
I usually meditate for around 5-10 minutes per session. I feel that meditating for a short period of time allows me to relax in the moment and gives me a chance to feel concentrated on what’s happening in the present. When I feel prepared and concentrated to meditate for longer I will try to go for around 15-20 minutes per session. Usually I meditate once or twice per day either right when I wake up or before I go to bed.
Alma C.
Usually I meditate more than ten minutes. I am learning some principles in another way and after I come here to reproduce what I learned outside this app. The music help me to relax but I am a beginner and for now I need a mentor to guide me. It's why I am doing just 6minutes here.
Rosalina Z.
I typically meditate for 10-20 minutes. This allows me to sink in to the meditation, but also gives realistic expectations for how long I can focus. I’ve found that meditating before bed or in the early afternoon allow me to reflect the best. In the afternoon I start to get tired so taking 10 minutes to focus on the tasks at hand and re-energize is beneficial. Also, after a long day of both positivity and negativity it is beneficial to reflect on the day at night, while giving my body the permission to let it go.