How long do you like to meditate for?

Pri O Q.
I try, to wherever possible, to include meditation in my morning routine. Shower, stretch then meditate. I prefer guided meditation (I use Calm) which generally lasts for 10-12 minutes. Then I feel ready for the day 😊
Sally F.
At least 20 minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes. I like to make sure I've quieted my mind and removed all of the distractions of the day, or get in a frame of mind where I can watch the thoughts drift by without bothering me.
Anna Maria F.
I’m just starting to meditate and I think the more practise you do the longer it could be. I’ve done around 5-10 mins so far. Hoping to practice is more regularly
Astrid Z.
I enjoy meditating for rounds of about 10-15 minutes. I’d rather go for short sessions for multiple times during the day rather than just one longer session. I feel like doing that helps me feeling more centered and present.
Helfried X.
I like to Meditate for 20 minutes. I use Headspace to do it and find that the shorter versions aren't quite long enough for me to drop in to the experience properly
Amelia F.
I like to meditate for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes it's hard to put aside longer periods of time but for me I find it easier to do it for that amount.
Harper F.
15 minutes in the morning and15 minutes in the evening. If I'm feeling particularly aware, I might etend it up to 30 minutes
Rasmus G.
Depends some days just a quick 3-5min session helps others I'll do little sessions and end my day with a 15-30min session
Leah O.
I started with 5 minutes, and realized that was when I started to really get focused. So I moved up to 7 minutes and hopefully will get to 10 by the end of the week.
Thomas P.
I find myself meditating for very long periods of time or very short periods of time. There’s never really a grey area for my meditation. I like to ask myself what am I looking for with the time; am i trying to release some stress before going to sleep or am I trying to have a deeper understanding of my day? Sometimes is as short as 5 minutes because I just need to sit down and focus on my breathing before I keep going with my day.
L Rke C.
20-30 minutes. Gives you the time to determine your current state of mind and tune out the thoughts to find at least a sliver of zen.
Katrine E.
it depends. sometimes i start meditating and I realize my mind wanders a lot. in those moments I don't force myself to spend so much time on trying to focus and around 10 minutes i stop meditating. But there are sometimes that my mind focuses on my breath and my senses, i even can feel a kind of expansion in my body. Those times I realize the universe, its nature and how im taking a part in it. Those times i can last 20 or 30 minutes in meditation.
Chloe O.
10 minutes is a great length for me. I feel very calm after on most days. Any shorter and the calm isn’t as significant. Longer is tough, but if I can do it that day, it’s also great.
Marie W.
As long as I intuitively feel I need to. ..the longer you practice meditation the better you will get at knowing when it is time to come out of it. ..the midst freeing aspect is the ability to lose track of time.
Graciele Z.
i like to meditate for 10 minutes it lets me clear my mind and just let go so i don't need more time to meditate if i meditate longer i dont get good results