What to think while meditating?

Perp Tuo F.
Try reverie basic meditation, she shows you how to focus. The best thing is to let the thoughts whatever they maybe come to you acknowledge it then move on and focus on the noise or whatever the meditation your listening to. The main thing is you let it naturally come to you.
Jadirene G.
Focus on your breath. Observe it flow in and out. Notice and experience the sensation of the air flowing in and out of your nose as fully as you can. By immersing yourself more in the experience, you will notice that your thoughts slow down.
Sarah G.
Loads of things. But practise practise practise will make your mind stronger. Focus on your breath and if you lose concentration, just forgive yourself and return to following your breath. It's natural for our minds to wander. The trick is to always return to your breath. Follow it in and our of your lungs with your mind. It doesn't matter how many times you do this. Each time is strengthening your mental muscles, so it's a good thing, like lifting weights! Best wishes to you…
Ben U.
We don't have to think. Thinking is not an activity that benefits meditation. We want to let go of the need to think and when thoughts arise, not to fight them or follow them, just let them die down like ripples in a pond. Let them deflate like a balloon. They are insubstantial as air, inevitable as ripples, but ultimately unimportant. We don't need to think to survive. We don't need to think to meditate.
Ana Y.
If I end up thinking of something, I just refocus my attention to my breath and the 10 count. The idea of meditation is not to stop thinking, but to direct your thoughts into something that you can concentrate and will not give space for random thoughts.

Counting, praying, singing, saying a mantra, all those things focus your attention. Your thoughts are all concentrated on those activities.

Suzanne B.
If you’re just beginning, concentrating on just your breath is a great place to start. Simply being aware of the air as it enters your nostrils, then as it fills the lungs and expands your ribs… following finally as the exhale begins as the ribs collapse and the air leaves the body. Then begin again at the next inhale.
When your thoughts of other things invade your concentration on the breath, simply and gently bring your awareness back to the breath. This will happen frequently during your practice so try not to get discouraged.
You can also meditate using a simple Mantra to reappear over and over again silently as you meditate… “I am grateful” or “I am courageous” there are thousands of different meditations to try and many apps. Start to explore and have fun!
Josselyne Y.
In my case I start breathing slowly, so my body would achieve a calm place where to relax and feel calm. Then I ask myself what do I need to learn today? Or How can I fulfill my current goals? That way my mind would guide me to the answer, maybe not today or tomorrow, but It would have the purpose to do it.
Fred P.
During 5-10 minute meditation, I try to focus on my breathing. One thing that you hear a lot during guided meditation is to scan your body for any places where you might be tense and try to relax that area by breathing into it. I think it helps to bring attention to the area and helps you release the tension. So for me, focusing on breath is a pretty good thing to think about/focus.