How to meditate and what is the point of meditating?

Odila G.
To meditate is sitting or laying down quietly relaxed 😌 and breathing with your thoughts, acknowledging the awareness of your thoughts and bringing your attention back you your breathing. The purpose of this exercise (for me anyway) is to manage stressful intrusive negative thinking and emotions, being more present in the moment, health, mental health and having more mental clarity and energy throughout my life.

Kaitlyn U.
For me it is a great way to calm and center myself before bed. It normally takes me forever to fall asleep, but meditating has helped me cut that time down and fall asleep faster (I also think it helps with how well I sleep too). I sit on the floor against my bed (I need the back support lol), and sit criss-cross (it’s the most comfortable position for me). I usually have white noise on in the background or music if I’m more stressed or distracted. Then I just focus on my breathing and calming my mind (normally I have at least 3 things going on in my head at any given time). I also use that time to center myself and release and pent up emotions or energy that I have to feel centered and calm when I am done. I can take anywhere from a minute to 10 to meditate and some nights I am too worked up to meditate successfully (I still try though). And I make sure that I have all my alarms set and my phone is all ready for me to go to sleep.