How do you calm feelings of restlessness while meditating?

Miriam C.
While meditating to calm feelings of restlessness you simply breathe in and out slowly. Clear your mind and drift off. Nothing to think about. Just simply breathe in and out.
Claudenice F.
Conflicting thoughts, emotions and strain are at the forefront of the mind. As the meditation session continues, such things slowly drift away as thoughts begin to gather around breathing. Concentrate on the breathing and let the mind slowly progress away from the past/future bringing myself to the present
Timmothy P.
By breathing in and out the air strongly from the diaphram.In addition , I tried to be focusing on the very first present time and did as the above.
Susie U.
Observe the feeling. Observe judgement of the feeling. Observe judgement of myself for judging the feeling. Observe sensation in my body.
Jonas Y.
When I’m feeling restless while meditating, I will stop and do a short release the tension yoga routine. I will sit and breathe deeply briefly, then do some yoga poses like child’s pose, get on my hands and knees and move my hips back and forth, cat cow pose, lay on my back and draw my knees to my chest and rock side to side and then do the happy baby pose, all while breathing deeply and rhythmically through the movements. If my mind is restless, I will either write out or audio record what I need to get off my mind. Then continue with meditation. But I will also use meditation to understand the restlessness, the cause and the solution, realizing a new perspective and perception and then a new mindset or attitude and emotional expression towards whatever is causing the restlessness. I use meditation to consciously and deliberately transform that automatic subconscious responsive conditioned restless emotional energy into conscious conditioned calm energy by changing my emotional expression toward whatever the trigger might be that set off that restless feeling. With practice of consciously expressing a new emotional behavior, the old automatic response begins to fade away.
William Y.
Practice. When life is hard, it is harder to take the mind off of immediate problems or fears.

When life is going good it is much easier to clear the time.

The most important thing is to forgive yourself when you are unable to clear your mind, and maybe give yourself a few minutes to fully feel the fear or pain or emotion that is distracting you, instead of trying to push it away, maybe embrace it, let it know that you recognize it is there and allow the distraction to feel cared for… so it can back the F off 🙂

Cildo E.
To focus on your breathing. When you inhale say “breathe in” and when you exhale say “breathe out”. Then its easier to stay focused on your breathing.
Sara N.
I know this is going to sound so basic, but I just focus on my breath and it really calms me down. I really do mean it and I suggest to give it a try. It’s amazing! 🙂