I just can’t find the willpower to actually complete the things, but I love the sound, so out of laziness I click them to hear the sound, but never get around to doing them. How can I get around this subconscious stubbornness and actually use the app as it was intended?

Justin C.
In the (amazing) book The Power of Habit, the author breaks down habits into 3 components: the cue, the routine, and the reward. In your case, you seem to have the reward part down, but not the actual cue or routine. Good job for finding a good reward! There’s still work to do though. You already know what routines you should be doing, so the problem lies in the cue. You need a spark that flings your body and mind into action, performing the routine and earning the reward. Cues can be so many things—a specific time, emotion, location, visual reminder, etc. Explore your options and see what works best for you—and stick with it no matter what!! Another consideration is finding a different reward that is more restricted and can only be earned by doing the routine

Hemet Rio I.
When I read your question, what hit me most is you don’t seem to feel the need to be honest even with yourself. Try honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity and see how these can work for you, rather than against you. HTH.

Hansjoachim O.
You can keep doing that, but you’re only cheating yourself. When you are ready you will make a change. Maybe the habits you selected, are not right for where you are. They need to be manageable and meet where you’re at right now. So revise them, change them. I started out with just drinking water on waking. I went through periods of not doing it, but got back track when I was ready and able.

Jimmy C.
Instead of a lot of boxes in a single routine, try picking out the few that are most important and make those actions their own routine and resolve to only click those when you do them. You will get more individualized reward, and track the specific actions more easily which may encourage you to keep a now more attainable streak going.

Thea U.
First, do not beat yourself up over this. Note what is happening and assess the situation.

You like the sound so maybe make a routine around small things that you always get done. This could be super simple like did you wake up and brush your teeth?

Also consider having fewer items to check off.

What are some super basic things you can put in that will help your day.

Another way would be to make quick tasks that you can do in app, like three things you are grateful for, take 10 deep breaths, or write (write vs do) down 3 things you'd like to do today.

I hope this helps

Catherine O.
Take on less tasks. Go back to only doing one at a time until you fall back into that rhythm. It’s okay to take on less, as long as you’re still improving 🙂

Urien A.
When we were babies we need to at least crawl before we to our steps. So never craw, they just take a step and their on their way. All we need is the first step. See yourself accomplishing atleast one thing and do it. Then you continue to do that one thing everyday. Something as simple as drinking water. Are bodies are mostly water and yet we need it and need to replenish often. Refresh yourself with this life giving element. And…take the first steps.

Hannah W.
Try to reorder routines to actually empower you to do stuff before you have to do it. I have "clench my fists" before exercise to actually do it.
Over many journeys you could have accumulated a huge routine. It shouldn't take you the whole morning. Find the activities that work for you, cut what feels unnecessary.

Emma Z.
Remove all but one of the tasks, leave the most simple task on the list. Do that task, it’s easy. Don’t add any task for 28 days, just do the 3 simple tasks and you will create the habit.

Astrid X.
Hmm I was a little like that but I wouldn’t click I would ignore. I especially ignored the exercise ones. I think it is an opportunity to reflect on what makes you not want to do the ritual. For me it was about staying overweight being protective. I have found EFT tapping extremely useful for shifting stuckness and gaining insights.

Hilda Z.
I used to have the same problem too before I downloaded the app, you have to understand that willpower is almost like a muscle for the brain. You have to work it out and over time it gets stronger, so instead of doing all those tough long task try to break it down or make it shorter and start off small then later on you’ll be able to knock out all of the task that you want to complete because you’d build your will power muscle by then

Werner Q.
First make a habit to do the actual task before checking it off. Just do it. I know it sounds redundant, but the more you do it while not really thinking about, which is you forming a habit, will make it easier. Practice repetition of the habit you want to form and over time, it will occur. It's not an instant pleasure, it takes a couple falls before you really get the hang of it.

Thomas E.
Don't click on anything until you complete the task. I wait until I finish or am in the process of finishing my habit so I don't forget to do it. Sometimes I have to wait until later in the day to mark my habit as done but at least I know it's done when I check it off.

Brett S.
Don't reward yourself with the sounds if you're not doing the habit. The reward should only come when you're actually doing the habit. After enough time doing the habit combined with the sounds, your brain will connect that sound to the habit so once you hear the sound your brain goes "Time to do the habit!" And it gets automatic. As it stands now, you're training your brain to be just fine about not doing what you need to do. I have major issues with self discipline and I've found that the only thing that "motivates" me is to just do it. Force yourself to do it. "It is time to do this thing and I am going to do it right now. And that's final." It's hard to rewrite your brain, but it's the only way to do it. Eventually, it gets easier because it turns into a habit, and because you've trained your brain to listen.

Alfredo P.
Take everything but one action off your list. Do that action and only that action for a week, then add one more, then more, etc.

Pero Y.
Do less. If it says drink water, just take a sip. Exercise, just do one push-up or stretch. One of the things that helped me find motivation was caring about myself and not the end result or goal. It helps to know that when, for example, I do some exercise, I’m helping my body that’s been supporting and working hard for me all my life.

Lorenzo Q.
Some life situations teaches you lessons that you wish that i should have commanded beforehand,but it gets late till you realise. Same has happen to me, now i realise the power of medication ,drinking water and other things ..after i have gone through a anxiety attack ,stress ,upset about things and all. So please startng doing the things rather tha clicking for the sound sake ,may be these sounds are you last warnings by the universe . Better to change ,then be late!!