How does one find energy in the middle of the day without caffeine or a nap?

Alexis Y.
Stay hydrated! I have found that the slump is somehow connected to proper hydration. I also watch out for foods that could spike insulin (simple carbs/starches). If I avoid them at breakfast and lunch, no slump.
Take a walk around the block, put on a favorite "get up and move" song, do something that refreshes you!
Natalie S.
Eating a healthy clean diet. No junk food, no gluten, no sugar except in fruit, no dairy. What you fuel your body determines how it functions. Good Luck. 😊
Crist V O Q.
Maybe a 5 minute walk or a short meditation outdoors will create energy. Or perhaps a change of location. Working outdoors in a park or making calls you’ve been avoiding as you walk in nature might be just the right kind of change to elevate your energy level. But sometimes an afternoon drop in energy means that you need to drink more water or eat a snack to provide necessary fuel for the afternoon and evening. I often schedule a workout with my personal trainer for late afternoon to help me transition between work and home tasks and on nights I do this, I usually am more energized to come home and make dinner or to engage with family and friends in a less tired and reluctant way. So one thing to try, is to arrange your schedule to meet whatever challenges you often face. I’d you try some things and they don’t work, keep trying and eventually you will find solutions, whether they require changes in your schedule or environment or perhaps interior changes will occur and you will find new way of thinking about your day and your energy level. Be kind to yourself.
Liva W.
I don’t know. To be honest!
For me I try to not eat too much for lunch and also I do a combination of standing and sitting on my desk.
Russell Q.
I wish I know how to find energy in the middle of the day without a caffeine or nap. I am struggling with the same problem and looking for a solution too.
Friedericke J.
Although I really find a 20 minute nap boosts my energy, if it’s not possible then I have several choices to push me through the midday slump.
Firstly, get up and get outside… Do something different to what you are doing, correct your posture, find a space to do some gentle stretching and deep breathing.
If I’m on a car journey then I find a song to sing, or if that’s not possible then find a recording of something you find funny and laugh out loud to.
Essentially change your state, move and breathe.
Vera O.
Make sure to listen in to your tiredness. Sometimes ignoring it can wear you out more on the long run. I find a non sugary snack after 2pm, like avocado and nuts, can really help get my energy back during a slump.
Kati X.
-) Get moving – energize by getting your heart pumping and increasing your respiratory rate.
-) NADH sublingual tablets, gives your body energy without activating your adrenals
-) some people react great to B-vitamins (for example in caffeine free energy drinks)
-) your favorite music (even better if you dance to it)
-) Text your crush if you have one 😉
Samuel W.
I don't believe that it's natural to have a ton of energy throughout the day. I think the worst case scenario is not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Fabulous has helped me build a daily routine so that I fall right to sleep at night and have little or no difficulty getting up at the same time each day. Having this great sleep experience is a huge blessing for me. Point being, if I find myself getting sleepy after midday, I consider it a small price to pay for a solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. I try very hard not to do anything that might compromise my rest at night.
Jade E.
It's important that I follow my routine of going to bed at an hour appropriate to my job, etc. I also make certain to get up with plenty of time to eat a good breakfast. But lunch is important too. I try not to eat a big lunch though. I try and eat three small meals between breakfast and dinner. This way I keep my blood sugar up without the feeling of being too full and wanting a nap.
Kent Z.
Get up and get moving. If you work in an office setting take a stroll around the office. Go outside and get some fresh air for a minute.
R My Q.
Make sure you sleep early so you get enough sleep, eat great energetic breakfast, exercise, meditate for at least 15 minutes. It will take some days to see results make sure you keep at it.