Does it get easier to keep your mind free from the “outside world”?

Oscar F.
I don't understand the question! What do you mean by "outside world"? If your asking how to keep your mind clear of distractions,then I suggest You search for a good meditation app & binaural beats app in the play store. Set a time of day & Find a quit comfortable space where you know you won't be interrupted. Try using these apps. at least once every day for a month for best results.

Deodora Q.
The outside world is good to explore see where it takes u and gives u a chance to explore who u r and what u r made of. Sometimes it may be tuff and u don’t understand and sometimes u just want to scream. But u keep going no matter what and in the end it will be worth it. My friend showed me this quote and it said if Never stress the could haves because if it should have it would have so anything that happens while you explore the outside world there is always going to be good that out ways the bad

Alcides N.
For me, yes, the more I practice the easier it gets. Remember you are using your brain muscle in a way you haven't before.

Rahel F.
In a word, no. It takes constant practice, depending on what you call the “outside world.” I practice shikantaza. So the outside world is part of my interior Soto speak.

Arron T.
Yes, definitely if you learn to ignore or postpone distractions after a while you will have less distracting thoughts. And you will be more mindful of which thoughts are useful or just distractions. You will also come to understand what circumstances lead to you being more distracted and be able to adjust for that. It will become more pleasurable to do your work and you will find there is much less to be distracted by.

Thiago E.
Yes, since you go with the flow, focus on only what makes you happy, not by anyone else tell you what to do. Detach yourself from all those distractions and spend your precious time on your true self. No longer depend on the outside, you will come back inside and at that time you know your mind is free.