Do you meditate in complete silence or prefer ambient music?

Albert W.
Silence. Music makes my mind wander. I start to pay attention to it, mostly to things I don't like, like annoying instruments. I find it easier to focus on the present, when I have the quiet noises around me to listen to. My breath, ticking of a clock, humming of the refrigerator. Music drowns them out.
Tony Z.
I prefer ambient music because it helps me focus better. I have of course meditated in complete silence outdoors, but indoors, I think I focus better if there's music in the background.
Lily G.
I like both. But for me it is easier if there is quiet music in the background or nature noises. It helps to focus on the music and breath then on the thoughts that want to press in. I grew up in a household of musicians and this might be the reason I love it so much. Silence is good for the soul though so I try to keep it a mix of two. It ho estly depends on how pressing my thoughts are that day. If I can't seem to clear my mind I'll put on music, if not I will try with silence.
Natalija Z.
Complete silence – I find it easier to achieve a reflective state. Music is good when I'm looking to focus for work / exercise etc.
Sabri F.
I prefer guided meditations with music at this point in journey. I find it very difficult to meditate on complete silence and therefore lean on the guided meditations while developing my skills.
Eli Q.
It’s totally your personal preference. I do guided meditation, so there’s music to it. If I don’t do those, then I enjoy nature sounds. It just depends on what your needs are and your goals for your meditation time.
Ma L Z.
I usually do guided meditation and a singing bell. I’m fairly new at meditation and struggle to sit still. The guided meditation help me with that a little bit. I also breath consciously before sleep it helps ground me
Theodora U.
I set my Alexa to use an app called ambient noise and play a sound on there called heartbeat. It helps regulate and control my breathing, at night time I'll use ocean waves
Don E.
It depends on whether I have a question or issue I want to meditate on. If so, no music. Otherwise nice calming piano music .
Justin O.
Silence in either morning light or dim light on my yoga mat in a restful position if I’m not journaling with the meditation or a seated position if I am journaling with it.
Nikolaj W.
I use calm app, usually I meditate with music and even guidance however recently I started to decrease this and meditate without guidance and sometimes in silence with only bell sounds each 2-5 minutes to understand how long and to return to the breath if lost in thoughts.
Roman N.
I tried both methods, and found the ambience of soft, subtle music helps me focus and relax more on meditation. I think it drowns out excess noise which leave no room for distractions 🙂
Lilian Z.
I prefer some ambient music because it helps me relax and get in the right mood/state of mind. I also find some music healing in a way, which also helps the process (for me).