What type of meditation do you follow? Do you see a comparable point in the type of meditation you follow?

Claude F.
I use the Meditation Studio app from Muse. It offers a tutorial on how to meditate for people who need one–I did.

What do you mean by, ”Do you see a comparable point…?” I don't know what you are asking.

Ante F.
I generally practice the Wim Hof method, which involves meditation exercises and cold exposure.
In my opinion, meditation is a mental exercise that can be practiced anywhere and anyhow, as long as you stay focused. And encorpurating verious breathing techniques and movements makes it more dynamic and challenging.
Albert A.
I personally only do any form of guided meditation.. That's what kind of meditation that I started with. Everybody is different and has different things that work for themselves. If your having trouble with meditation try out all the different types and places of meditation, find what works for you.
Iolita Q.
The meditation path I’m on at this point in my journey is often referred to as being of the “non-dual” variety. Dzogchen, Advaita, and some versions of Zazen meditation are examples.

Non-dual techniques differ from popular ones such as Vappasana in subtle, but important ways. With non-dual practices, you are Loren likely to have the direct experience that the self is an illusion. All there is consciousness and it’s contents.

Leander M.
It varies. Sometimes I just use the meditations available within the Fabulous app – They are awesome! Other times, I will use a hypnosis audio. And at other times I will do a simple body scan.
Cassandre C.
I meditate by focusing on my breathing. I breath in and out five times and then start again so I don’t get lost in my thoughts. The second I go over 5 breaths, I realise that I’m no longer focusing and that brings be back to counting again.

I don’t understand your second question. Do I comparable point to what exactly?

Joseph Z.
I've been doing guided meditations the focus on empowering myself and relaxing but at this point I feel like I need to meditate within myself.