What do you see/visualize when you meditate?

Racquelle N.
I usually envision a place I believe I would be at total peace. You know there's that situation or place you want to be that you believe will bring you contentment and happiness. For me, it's somewhere in italy or japan surround by nature or a valley of flowers with clear fresh air. When you envision something like that it kind of releases your tension and you breathe easier. You can feel your body relaxing too.
Sometimes it's so comfortable and relaxing I sleep off 😹 trust me it's a wonderful feeling πŸ’–
I hope this helps ☺️
Ana U.
What I Visualize When I Meditate Is Me Walking In The Forest And I'm Carrying A Basket And In That Basket I'm Carrying Paper Boats And All Those Paper Boats Represent Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Anger, Annoyance,Sadness, Problems And I Picture My Self Sitting In For On A Canal And I Place Thise Boats One By One In The Little Canal And I See The Clear Water Taking Those Problems Away And After The Basket Is Empty I Picture My Self Laying On The Floor Hearing The Water Stream The Bird's Chirping And Then I Listen And When My Meditating Instructor Say To Come Back And Wigles My Fingers And Toes And I Do Just That And Then Open My Eyes And I Can Feel My Stress Fading Away My Husband Seen An Improvement In Me Within A Week Try It Out And I Hope It Helps Best Of Luck Dear Friend
Selamawit T.
I try to visualize an energy with which ever color looks vibrant and happy to me and guide that energy in and out of my body depnding on what im meditating about.
Liana U.
I feel the air around me moving, try feel I am a part of my surroundings. Sometime I imagine I am on a grassland, with sun shine bright and the breeze touch my face. Or imagine myself flying through beauty valleys and mountains looking down enjoying the peaceful nature.