What do you usually visualize in your mind during meditation?

Ma Lia E.
One of my favorites—especially when there is a lot going on and I feel overwhelmed—-I’m driving a really smooth limousine all of my thoughts and problems and responsibilities are in the back of the car. They’re all valid and need attention at some point but they don’t need attention now. I take a deep breath and push the button that makes the dark window come up between me and my thoughts. They’re still there but I can get a little space as I’m driving a beautiful scenic route. The funny thing is after I meditate those thoughts seem to be in better control not all over the place like out of control toddlers
Frank Peter Z.
-Nature: trees, rocks, rivers, lakes, mountains, wind..and how i am a part of it
-Movement: mostly body movements to the music, I imagine how I or a hypothetical person would move to the song I am listening to and how beautiful it is
Isabell Z.
I don’t visualize really
I try to focus on breathing feeling the air come in through the nose into the lungs and belly and then out
Heinz Walter F.
So far I've been using guided meditations so I would visualize whatever the told me to whether it is being on the peak of a mountain the babbling river or just warm glow emanating from my body .
Emily C.
I’m still a beginner so at the moment my mind is still chattery. When I really focus I visualize an aura around me preferably a color I find calming. I also use the headspace app which provides directions on some visuals during meditation.
Celina F.
To help me stay focused on my breath, I visualize the air coming in and out of my nostrils, and visualize my lungs filling and emptying with air. It is kind of like watching and listening to the ocean tide.
Juan F.
When I meditate I visualize the ocean waves. I imagine that as my breath comes in the ocean waves are coming towards me, as I breathe out the ocean waves are pushing away.
Ulrike J.
It takes a few minutes to calm the mind. During that time my mind jumps from thought to thought, scenario to scenario. When I eventually find the peace within, I always imagine myself closing the door to my busy day and start thinking of the evening ahead. Most of the time I calmly drift off into a place where I think of my partner and where I would imagine us to be together. That focuses my mind and calms me. In the end, that is my happiness.
Quentin G.
I don’t meditate often, but when I do, I often visualize the sounds I hear around me as if I was right there next to whatever was causing the noise. Other times I will also visualize the ocean or waves lapping against docks, as I find those areas to be happy places to me. Occasionally I’ll also think of a plant of some kind growing from droplets of rain. I think it mostly depends on the day! 🙂
Heidi Q.
I focus on peaceful and calm images which for me is normally the ocean or a large ball of light filling me. This creates a sense of calm and tranquility, and reduces my anxiety, which is my main goal during meditation. I like to have an open-mind during meditation and will sometimes picture the earth as a whole and realise how small i am compared to the whole world. This gives me the feeling of selflessness and helps me to realise that there are other people on this earth that may be going through hard times or similar times to me and that you should be kind to every person you come across because you never know what that person is going through.
Alison E.
I try to Visualise something positive but at the moment negative thoughts and feelings about work are getting in the way. I am trying to combat this by concentrating on my breathing
Freddie N.
I like to visualize orbs of energy. If my hands are open I imagine holding two orbs of energy feeling the orbs growing with energy.and put hands together to create one big energy orb. Or feeling the energy flow up and down the body while focusing on breathing.
Heidrun F.
I try to focus on my body, part by part, I start from my foot, each finger one by one, then my sole, my ankle, every single part until my brain, I focus on it feel it and try to make it relax
Sonja Z.
I don’t usually visualize while I meditate unless it is a guided visualization. My focus is usually on my breath or on some part of my Jody that I am working to release and settle in to. When I do this it seems like my mind is blank but If I really think about it I do see colors related to the energy of my breath or body parts and sometimes these colors are in bigger or smaller circular shapes.
Thanks for asking. Namaste.
Clara S.
I prefer guided meditations, specifically ones that help paint a picture for me. I love to sit on the ground with the bottoms of by feet together and my palms on my knees to keep my body open and with better posture. If I do meditate without guidance I try to focus on my breathing and if I get distracted by thoughts, I begin to visualize many details of the space I’m in while my eyes are closed, bringing the thoughts closer and closer to my being until I’m thinking about my breathing once more.
Lena R.
I visualize my breath flowing into my lungs, feeling the path the air takes to reach my lungs, feeling how my lungs fill up and then deflate as the air is slowly released.
Christian O.
I use the Headspace app and I really like their method of the mind being the skies, and clouds passing by being thoughts that can just pass by rather than focusing in on them.
Stella Y.
Sometimes I see a lightbulb coming out of my head and my love and gratitude make it brighter. Sometimes I think about looking at the sky while laying down in a field. I feel the Earth under me, the grass, feel the warmth of the sun, see the clouds and birds
Tilmann M.
I find it helps me to keep my focus on my body. So i start at my feet, and slowly scanning upward, trying to see if I can loosen up or relax any of the muscles in my body as I scan. I find i'm almost always tight in my shoulders and around my eyes.

by the time I'm done, I'm usually much calmer, and focus comes much more easily.

Owen F.
Hi there

As I do guided meditations I tend to listen to the voice and then visualize my breath coming in from my nose all the way to my tummy and I count while doing so no matter how long the breath is (and do the same while I breathe out from my tummy (or chest, it depends). I also sometimes visualize waves coming into and off of a beach which is easy for me as I live on an island so easy peasy 😍

Terry Z.
Usually a small circle, about the size of a marble, then I imagine it has the gravity of a sun, and it sucks in all wandering thoughts. That small circle becomes the center of my attention and allows me to come back to something, internally, when a thought distracts me