What time of a day do you guys like to meditate? I find that it’s really difficult for me to meditate at the end of a day. But I am more fine to do it first thing in the morning.

Pamela U.
To get a routine going do it first thing in the morning to teach your mind and body what meditation is in a quiet and peaceful environment so when you get the hang of it you can close your eyes anywhere and meditate

Tristan W.
Yeah meditation in the morning is a great way to start the day. Relaxes mind and also calms us down if we have seen any nightmare or sad dream.

Tracy O.
Yea I find it easier to meditate in the morning. but I think that's because I have a larger source of willpower which gets drained during the course of the day. But even a 3-5 minute breathing session at night helps to calm the body and mind after the rigorous of the day which is why I find evening meditation of much greater benefit!

Juanita Y.
We actually meditate at the end of the day. I find calming just to do breathing exercise in the morning. It calms me down but also energise me for the test of yhe day. On the second, in the evening I find meditation as a perfect way to declutter my thoughts and prepare me not only for good sleep but for efficient start tomorrow morning.

Gustav X.
I like to wake up early in the morning very soothing and the end of day or night also wonderful, make me feel relax than before

Allan A.
I personally find end of the day suits me best as it helps me to destress and unwind as well as reflecting about my day. So long as you do it, it doesn’t really matter what time 🙂

Eddie E.
I'm the opposite! I use guided & binaural beats for 30 mins to an hour to relax me before going to bed (it puts me in a good mood to habe pleasant dreams, it's better than TV or social media). However, I do listen to motivational talks in the morning for about 15 minutes. I don't use silent meditation, it's never worked for me. Hope that's useful for you.

Tiffany T.
First thing in the morning is excellent. I also like to meditate (just focus on breathing), while I am taking my morning shower .

Larissa Y.
I prefer meditating in the morning. Ten to fifteen minutes while your brain is still fresh from sleep and your daily stress has not caught up with you yet. The morning is also the time when it is the most quiet – no cars, not many people and you are still a bit dreamy.

Friedlinde F.
I like to meditate in the morning because it helps set the tone of gratitude for the day, especially since I do it before writing in my gratitude journal. It helps me start my day with a peaceful state of mind.

Louis Z.
Once you make it a regularity you will crave it at random times of the day. I also find it 100x easier to meditate with some sort of guidance. This app is great, but I also love one giant mind(free) and calm(not free). I also often lay when I meditate- and allow whatever my body needs.

Freja B.
I meditate on the morning. I found first tho g is difficult because I am still waking up. What works for me is right before I leave for work in the morning

Landon B.
I prefer early morning after a walk, when its still quiet and before the distractions of the day. I struggle with long sessions so starting with 5 minute sessions.

Heather J.
Both times, in the morning the get a fresh start on the day and after work to leave the workday behind and enjoy myself until i put myself to bed 😀

Cust Dia P.
Always first thing in the morning after making a cup of coffee. And whenever possible… outdoors. Something about the sounds of nature inspire and soothe me. More often than not, I’ll also play a sleep meditation as I’m falling asleep, although I rarely stay awake more than 5-10 minutes.

Jacob Q.
I usually meditate first thing in the morning, which helps me a lots. Sometimes I do not have time at the begin of the day, I choose to do it whenever I have enough break-time and feel free to find a comfort zone to balance myself.

Sebastian F.
I find I don’t have much to meditate on in the morning- thought it is a great time to try and achieve a totally blank mind- so I usually do my meditating in the early afternoon, usually a little after I eat a small lunch and a big glass of water. My body feels nourished and I am ready to sink into a deep trance-like experience.

Coline T.
Starting out, mediation was easier in the morning after being awake for a bit or during the day. Same here, although I try to eventually hit 2 mediations a day as a wake up and wind down.

Christian E.
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