What is the community common experience regarding meditation?

Alfred Y.
Meditation makes you more present, more focused, and happier. It’s a fact that when we experience the present we are enjoying the journey and not the past nor the future. When we meditate every day we become more in touch with others because we are giving them those full 10 minutes.
Paige F.
With each individual practicing meditation he is developing a mindful mindset. The community of many mindful people will be living in the present moment and thus will share better relationships, less conflicts and a general calm approach to life itself. All these increase the wellbeing and promote the welfare of the community!
Isaiah W.
A few members of my neighborhood do meditate in their own way, I have mentioned a group meditation but it seems they prefer it as a private time
L Andro Q.
I can talk for myself. I haven't been very regular with meditation but still I see good effects in the way my brain functions – I am able to respond and not react to situations, I am in general more in control of how I behave and am less impulsive, and I am better able to recognise what provokes me and in turn stop it from making me react in a less than ideal way.