What meditation apps have you found that are good and free?

Phillip O.
I haven’t really found any meditation apps! What I do is I find calming music on YouTube and drift off thinking and living in my own world.
Mona Z.
My favorite apps for Android are reverie and vialma
Of course, vialma is a classical music application, but it is really relaxing
I love it
Chiara Z.
I'll say that fabulous app has a wonderful meditation app, it is literally making me productive in my 2days before I downloaded it. So much love it
Shalini U.
I use the Balance app. It’s really great and they personalize according to how you respond to the meditation sessions. You can opt for the pro version but the free one is really good in itself.
Maxim C.
Not just meditation but for me the wim hof breathing and overall technique changed a lot of how I operate, and also Sadhguru's app is great for free yogic practices and meditations.
Ignacio N.
Insight Timer provides a wide variety of sessions, styles, and topics. I am always able to find something that works for me regardless of what I need at the time.
Shania E.
Ive never tried different meditation apps except one that’s called mesmerize it’s useful and helps get your mind off of things going on.
Tristan T.
I use Headspace and Balance. Both are not completely free, but they do each have their own free trials. Balance currently offers a one-year free trial for new users, which I am currently using and significantly enjoying.
Amber C.
I found let's meditate is one of my favorite free apps not only do I listen to it at bedtime but also when walking and Early morning. My second favorite is sleep meditation app
Linda H.
i am on a paid plan with Insight Timer, I like that app because it has dharma talks and you can also see who else in the world is meditating at the same time! If you sign up with various apps, they often offer free challenges that last a week or so. My health insurance gives me Calm for free but i haven't used it much as yet.
Susanna F.
Calm and Headspace were very good. They helped me relax. I also recommend making a playlist on Spotify of some songs you like to motivate you or make your feel happy and be in the musical moment. I also recommend Finch and Day One! Day one is for journaling but Finch is another journaling app that takes what you say and has a response of something else for you to journal.
Tessa N.
Balance is my absolute favourite. It is really personalized, which I find very helpful. It does have a plan you can pay for to get more but they have enough free stuff that I find I don’t need the membership (plus they have a one year free trial)
Bahar L.
I haven't really founding a good one thats free. I got the chance to try Headspace on Netflix tough, pretty good. I usually go on with YouTube more than apps, I sometimes don't even use guidance; just music is enough.
Rita B.
If you have Netflix, you'll find "Headspace Guide for Meditation". That is for "free" as long you keep paying the monthly fee of Netflix xD
Wei J.
I personally find YouTube suits me best – you can get teachings from people who've meditated for decades. Try ajahn brahm guided meditation. The playstore apps are for people who want to learn to meditate with little experience. I don't like them they're mass produced.
Jucimara C.
I usually use youtube, my favorite leaders are: Jason Stephenson, Michael Sealey & Joe treacy , the are the best,give it a try
Horst G Nter F.
Let's Meditate app is great and it's free. It's keeps it simple and you don't have to choose from dozens of mediations and get overwhelmed by it.
Wilma F.
I actually just searched morning meditation on YouTube and downloaded the video now it’s there all the time . Hope this helps 😊
Kaiser I.
It took me a while to find one, but I use Shine. It's has new meditations daily and other things you can do, but it has shine plus which you need to buy. Also today I found another app, evolve, which I will try later, but it seems good.
Sofia S.
i absolutely love insight timer! it has lots of free meditations, 100000, as they say, so you’ll definitely find the one you like
Chloe A.
I don't use meditation apps, i'm living a New experience with this app that Bring me everything that i need t be different
Rainer F.
Hi, i don't use a meditation app, but just this morning I found out of two apps that could help you : calm ( this one I dont know if it's free but I believe is widely known) and My.Life( i will try this as i just found out about it so I don't know how it is). You can give both a try.