Whenever i try to meditate I feel like giving up.. I sit and close my eyes.. Then I feel bored.. Need some good tips..

Guenther A.
Try downloading the insight Timer app. There are a lot of guided meditations that can help you learn how to do different kinds of meditation.
Or go to a class. Meditation isn't just shutting your eyes and waiting, you may need some guidance.

Joel Q.
It's normal to get bored or sleepy while trying to meditate, some of the best forms to avoid it is listening to music or being focus on our breathing. This way you get your mind busy and avoid to get bored

Baguandas Y.
First, get into a basic indian sitting position and put your arms in a comfortable position where it will feel relaxed. You should just relax. Perhaps you can imagine a water flowing all through out your body in a serene calmness and then clear everything on your mind and just focus on observing that body of water. Don't think of anything, clear it. If you do, you can just clear (erase it as if you're esrasing in a blackboard) it again. Remember, as long as you don't hear the "ping" that said meditation is finish, keep your eyes closed. Oh and do not move too much. Focusing on your breathing also helps (inhale for about 4 seconds and exhale,for also about 4 seconds, don't count just breathe deeply. Counting is distracting). It is hard at first but you can do it.

P.S. Don't fall asleep.

Lester Z.
How about trying some guided meditations on a topic that interests you? There are thousands of guided meditations on the Insight Timer app, I highly recommend it.

Cherly O.
A teacher thought me some years ago that Mediation is called a “practice” for a reason. Mediations will vary day to day and minute to minute, the fact that you have observed that you are bored is mediation in action – you have observed something going on inside yourself…well done!

The next step now is to practice non judgement and not labelling. By saying you are bored makes whatever you are feeling quite negative- try to observe what’s in your body that’s making you feel that way return your focus to the breath and know and trust that the feeling will pass. Very practically I suggest that until you are a bit further in your practice, guided meditations help.

Edouard T.
You can use guided meditation like Headspace.
Beside that put a part in your meditation, remind yourself why you are doing this to keep yourself motivated.

Mathys T.
Just do 5 minutes. Keep this up until it feels "easy" or not enough then increase to 7 minutes, then 10 etc. It helped me to actually practice a method, so I do zazen, just sit, eyes open, feel the breath in the belly. 5 minutes of this is tough so if needs be do 3 minutes.

Gra A Y.
The best technique in this case is to just focus on your breathe. Count every in breath or out breathe…in the beginning it maybe difficult but soon you won't even notice the time. If you want you can place your hand on your stomach to feel the flow of breathe as well.

Johnny O.
You need to go step by step. Be proud of what you already did. Be kind and patient with yourself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Practice even just 5mn each day and see how you feel. To help you, you can watch some videos of guiding meditation. I use the app “Headspace”, with short videos, you learn day after day how to meditate.
Keep going and have faith in yourself 🙂

Aquil C.
I can relate! I can’t meditate in silence because I either get bored or my thoughts take over, but I’ve been listening to short meditation clips that I’m interested in (3 minutes is all I need). If you need motivation, feel stressed, or want to practice self-confidence (whatever it is) there’s a guiding meditation for you. The more you practice, the better you get at it! 😊🙏

Pierre S.
Try reflecting on the things in your life which you are grateful for if you become bored. Then focus on your breath. Inhale gratitude, exhale love. Hope this helps 🙏💖

Celina F.
Try deeprelax.org. The meditation app is free and they have fantastic meditations on there.

Josefo P.
Feeling bored, or even feeling like giving up, aren't necessarily problems. Meditation is about exercising your awareness and if you feel bored or disheartened then it's good to be aware of those feelings. If you can observe those thoughts and feelings as they arise and acknowledge their presence before gently turning your awareness back to your meditation practice, then you're doing just right already. It's normal and ok to feel some boredom or want to give up during your practice. As long as they don't prevent you from meditating there's nothing wrong with that. A teacher of mine used to say any sitting you finish is a good sitting and the only way to meditate badly is by not meditating.
If boredom or distraction is getting in the way and preventing you from getting through your sitting on a regular basis, on the other hand, you might consider trying out a few guided meditations to see if you can find one you like. They can be a great focus to keep you on track.

Louella W.
Maybe this is also a practice thing? if you've ever had those moments where you are so tired and exhausted you just want to close your eyes and do nothing for a while, then you can take it like that in your mind. instead of saying "I be to sit in quiet and be bored" you can think if it as "I GET TO sit in quiet and take a break".
Could you do the meditation at another time of the day where you need it more?

Luka T.
An important thing to consider is that it takes time for your mind to get used to the sudden shift in attention to solely breathing in and out. My tip would be to start doing breathing exercises of a shorter duration- say 5 minutes and then build on from there.

Freia F.
for me, I always write whenever I try to mediate better than closing my eyes to get rid off negative thinking

El Onore Y.
I'm not used to meditation and sometimes I get caught off guard while busy with something else then i end up not doing the exercise.

Nicholas O.
To do some new things we always need a bigger objective to motivate ourself, first you need to know how meditation can change your world then you'll be not bored

Gisela Q.
This shows your are lack of concentration and focus on your mind.forget about all other thoughts which poke up in your mind.just pay attention on your breathing .Take a deep breathe with. NOse and release through mouth. Release for a longer time slowly. And when you sit on ground make your spinal cord straight which helps you in concentration. So pick a calm place and do meditation on early morning and evening .Most important is do this in a empty stomach

Adail P.
You probably feel bored because you are not doing it right. Try some meditation classes or even apps to guide you during the process. Also, you need to understand why and what is meditation. Sitting down and closing tour eyes is just 5% of it.

Cynthia O.
Be patient with yourself and expect the time to pass slowly. For me, that boredom is anticipation of something new to distract me from facing what I am feeling, and it can be strong. So for me, the timer is critical, or I'll give up too soon. But sticking with the attempt, for a full x minutes, it gives me the opportunity to have a lot of thoughts and let go of them, finally reducing the frequency of interrupting thoughts.

Frederikke Y.
Don’t give up! Meditation can sound like a complex or serious thing but it’s easy to get started. Just sit and relax.
If you’re feeling bored, you’re maybe still thinking about the day-to-day or your surroundings. Try to remove any distractions, sit quietly, breathe deeply, and focus on just one idea that you want to meditate on – a visualisation audio or guided session can be very useful here and there’s a few on the Fabulous app (Launch the Meditate habit and scroll down) and lots online.

Jeff O.
Sometimes a guided meditation can help keep you focused. Experiment with different ones to find what works best for you.

Dragan C.
Even if you feel bored and sick, just resolve to sit there for 5 minutes without any mental counter – argumentation. Take a deep breath and relax. Only feel whatever is going through your mind. Don't try hard. Just appreciate whatever you feel.(boredom,e.t.c)
P. S. Try to increase your duration by 5 minutes every week and let me know how it all worked out.

Silas W.
focus actually ease the anxious feelings,just do it,you will never find boredness once you get into it.