Sometimes I feel meditation is boring, way too calm for my energy. Is there other way to build mindfulness?

Nicola T.
I find I can also practice mindfulness while doing simple manual tasks – gardening, cleaning, looking after our animals and exercise like yoga. Sometimes it's easier for my mind to be quiet whie my body is occupied.
Becc J.
Repetitive movements. Preferably with built in white noise. Vacuuming is it for me. Cleans the house, soothing for me with the steady hum with the patterns in the carpet, the satisfaction of dumping the filth out of the bin. The irony is not lost on me for meditation in the form of dumping the filth out. ☺️
Corina N.
I felt this way at first too and I just listened to meditation playlists on Spotify. I use my headphones so it helps me concentrate.
Crystal N.
I totally understand this issue. I find yoga just as helpful for meditation because it's constant movement while being mindful. There are a lot of great apps and videos for yoga at all levels that can help you achieve similar results to boring sitting meditation.
Jennavieve U.
I feel that meditation is about finding quiet in this crazy world, reflecting on yourself and just taking a moment to breathe. If you are active a great way to do this would be to take a walk/jog, go hiking put head phones on and just do something you enjoy making sure that this time is your time with no distractions.
Andy O.
I would say don't give up on the meditation if you have lots of energy then it's a great way to bring relaxation. If you think it's boring then you're thinking too much. It's ok to think it's boring but take the chance to to bring your thoughts back to simply breathing. Notice when your mind drifts away to think this is boring to bring it back to focus on on your breathing. I would suggest something very simple with mindfulness. Try any activity like making a cup of tea put every thought into that as slowly as possible thinking about every step in the process.
Selmaan N.
Try the mindfulness facility on fabulous. You'll find it easier for this reason. That is that you can do the one mindfulness exercise which you want to do. That's what makes it fabulous
Selmaan A Ali
Evelin E.
If you haven't tried yoga maybe give it a go, you can either follow a video or do your own routine with maybe some calm instrumental music in the background
Frank A.
Walking Meditation, Meditation while doing the dishes or brushing the teeth. You can be mindful of anything if you put your mind to it. I also like a body scan meditation.
Becky L.
Even just a minute of deep breathing is a way to be mindful. Another grounding technique I like is to find 5 things you see, 4 you hear, 3 you can smell, 2 you can touch, and 1 you can taste.