How do you meditate for a specific goal you want to achieve?

Lily Y.
You clear your mind of all negative thoughts by just sitting somewhere you’re comfortable, in a quiet and peaceful environment. You think about this goal you want to achieve and how to achieve it and what the results are going to do to make you happier and healthier, you can then fill your mind with all these positive thoughts and open your eyes and see the bright future ahead of you!

Rachelle P.
So I am a Metis medicine woman so we sit and chant and meditate for hours. Lol so you probably don't want to reach that level.
There are many ways and cultures to meditate to.
I personally have 2 spots ihavedesignatedfor- a gnarly apple tree in my backyard or my bed. imagine myself connecting to the earth and water and then I draw that grounding and cleansing force up through my body. I actually see it. When it reaches the top of my head I let it flow out and I use it to connect with my spirit