Does meditation really help you?

Louise B.
Meditation has gotten me through a really rough time in my life. I always knew about it but only really got into it when I really needed it to survive. Now that things are better I’m trying to call on it as a part of my new routine, not only when things are really bad. I like imagining I’m floating in space, looking down at earth, it helps to realise that you are really small and things aren’t that bad. I have also found that learning to focus on breathing can get you through unpleasant things like dentist appointments, the practice gives you another layer of mental resilience.
Micael C.
Yes, meditation really does help. Since I have started meditating I have seen myself become more calm, more relaxed. I have even felt more refreshed in the morning and during the day because I am able to sleep better. Meditation has helped me learn better self control. It has also helped me to become a more motivated me.
Gina Z.
Yes but you really have to tap into your inner-self and let go of the stressors your experiencing just in that moment or in life in general, after you meditate you should really try to figure a way to modify that session of meditation into the rest of your day for the full positive results you receive after a good meditation session. You have to really want to make it – not just a part of your daily routine, but a part of your way of living, for you to get to know your inner self and change whatever it is you want to change in your life, or in your self for the better. I listen to guided positive meditation for productivity in the morning or guided meditation for letting go of distractions/procrastination. Sometimes I just wake up get my phone and listen to positive biorythms. There are several ways or types of meditating. Give it a try what's the worst that could happen? You not really liking it? Or you actually loving it and feeling the positivity it brings into your daily living and also finding out more about your inner-self and beauty.
Liberty Y.
Absolutely & completely.
It allows me to center into the focus I need for afterwards,
And it strengthens my observation muscle so I can use it more and more in moments of stress or of an arguement gone difficult.

It arises my inner physical branch that holds my body straight up, while allowing the outer muscles to loosen.

Andrew N.
I find meditation helpful, because it helps me with my breathing and helps me center myself during the chaotic work week.