Do you prefer meditation with chanting or just meditation?

Asta Y.
Both, guided meditation let’s you think about something else than the chatter in your head and then you are ready for the silence
Marlis F.
I prefer variety, but quiet meditation more often.

Meditation with chanting, meaning me chanting as I meditate I assume, is a practice technique. It’s a help in that it makes it harder for the mind to wander away. Help isn’t bad, considering how difficult it is when practicing meditation to focus, and getting to a more mindful and focused state where the mind is in the moment is what one is aiming for. And getting a better feel for what’s possible really helps. But — first of all I’m a pretty quiet person — and second of all I find it actually helps me take what I gain in practice into the rest of the world more if I do quiet meditation. Because it means it’s just me and all my proclivity for my attention to wander. That’s more like what I face moment to moment elsewhere, so I find I get more mileage from that practice in terms of, well, as a practice. As a thing I do to help me in other situations outside of meditation.

Mikkel X.
Just meditation. However, chanting and guided ones help me when I just can’t quiet the mind. It gives it something to focus on.