How do you find time to meditate with a busy schedule?

Stefanie N.
Honestly, I have to. I actually meditate while laying down. I need to rest my head and neck like this during the day. Sometimes I have to restart the meditation over again to get settled.
Ahmad Z.
It only takes 10mins, but it gives you a better start, your busy day will be much better if you actually take the time. Just do it.
Ju N.
You can always meditate just before going to sleep if you haven’t had time before. Otherwise, I’d say save a time of the day (for example 6pm everyday or, when you wake up every morning etc…) and always meditate at that time to create a habit. I think even when you have a busy schedule, you should still spare 5-10mn for meditation, as it will help you get through it.
Julius Q.
Meditation can be done in many ways. For example, if I can’t find time to fit in both meditation and cleaning then I’ll combine the two tasks. Rather than clean with a show or music playing in the background, I’ll clean in silence. My intention is to focus all of my being into the task. I focus on my breathing and the sounds about me. Thus, I practice awareness while cleaning. I think adapting meditation in simple day to day routines shakes things up. It gives me a new perspective on a routine that I normally drown out with distractions. I become more appreciative of life. It also helps me stay grounded throughout the day. So, if you’re too busy to meditate just incorporate it into your day. Meditate while having your breakfast and observe the routine of eating or commute to work without the radio on and observe your surroundings.
Софья Ким N.
At first I did it at the same time exactly when I had free time, after work or after school, and at the moment I am doing the same. Perhaps in the future I’ll try to conduct meditation where it works.
Olivia O.
I'm in Lockdown at the moment and have decided to try this new routine. I have the time and unlike who I am when I enter the rest of the world when I feel like I've given myself the best possible start to the day.