Where is a good place to meditate for a beginner of older age?

Sharon P.
I would recommend quiet places like home, park or nature. So you can focus without distractions. Of course you can meditate at other places that you feel relaxed and focused.
Marie T.
I know this may not be everyone’s first choice but the place I find most helpful to meditate as an older beginner is on the toilet. Without providing more info than you need, It promotes good posture, it’s very private and quiet. For other reasons as well it just works the best for me.
Marian T.
A small mat in a quiet corner or a quiet lace outdoors works for me. One Can gradually relax and focus in these kind of places.
Callum F.
I meditate in my living room on my yoga mat and pillow. In the morning with a guided meditation. Then other times throughout the day depending on where i am using the same technique… Or other techniques learned.
I was constantly asking people How to meditate. Once I just started with a series inn meditation that actually walked me thru the steps and did I feel comfortable and now have gained knowledge am I able to relax and focus better.
"Visualize" what is being said. Get comfortable in your seated position & Relax so that you aren't fidgeting.
Alice C.
A comfortable familiar place. An easy chair with extra pillows or rolled blankets for support, or anywhere you can relax and change the ambiance to your liking – lighting, temperature,
Victor P.
For me, somewhere that's Peaceful and COMFORTABLE. And by "comfortable" I mean easy to get to, easy FOR YOU. If you have arthritis or other physical limitations, then find, or create a place FOR YOU.

It doesn't matter what ANYONE THINKS or SAYS about YOUR Meditation Place!!! It's what HELPS YOU be able to "get away from the world" for YOUR meditation time.

SOMETIMES, I even change my location based on the weather. We have a back deck and I enjoy taking my morning coffee and sitting outside and watching the sunrise. Sometimes, when it's raining, I take my morning coffee and either stand on the front porch and listen to the raining or if it's too cold, I take my coffee and a curl up with a simple throw blanket on the window box seat and enjoy being able to be peaceful, warm and protected from the cold, rainy weather outside.

Sometimes, meditation comes with a morning or evening walk in a park or a nature trail.

We have a small bonus room in our house too. Even though it's more my hobby/ craft room, I created a "corner" by setting some of the furniture in such a way that it created a "separation" from the rest of the room but is not obvious to others.

I also look for places where I can look out, look forward, look at a view, SOMETHING which helps me to LOOK BEYOND where I am at that moment in time and not just "stuck in my head".

When I count things which have gone well, when I realize the opportunities and blessings I've been given during meditation, I begin to realize that even if I'm in a "hard spot" at the moment, as I sit quietly, a thought or idea will come to me then or later in the day and I will be able to get THROUGH the "hard spot" because I took time for me that day.

Carl A.
I meditate when I've had my bath and relaxed in bed I brought some headphones and use that to lie down and meditate. This helps me to relax ready for when I go to sleep.
Ma Lyne Z.
Believe it or not your bed just sit down and close your eyes focus on your breathing while counting your to 10 then repeat
Emily E.
And the place you’re most comfortable. It can be in your bed sitting upright, or on the floor of your living room in a comfy pillow, just be comfortable so that you can relax.
Isaiah Q.
I meditate on the edge of my bed. I can close the door to my room. Feel the warmth of the sun from the window. Listen to the meditation.