How do you find the time to meditate?

Mikkel Z.
I started meditation after a bad break up, because we kept working together and I was unable to concentrate and in a bad mood to work. So when I first started it was essential for me to do it in the morning before start working. I found out a video on YouTube ( search: godful guided meditation) that it was just 10 minutes! At first I was like, I don't have time, but then considering my situation and the fact that the workload seems too much for me at the time, I was wasting time anyways, so I gave it a go saying "It's just 10 minutes".

It is important for at least 10 minutes to have a place where you can close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while thinking nothing.

Later on, I switched at night. I found out that it is easier to find a quiet place at night before you go to bed, since most of the household has probably already been asleep or is getting ready to. I keept doing the 10 minutes trying different type of meditation and then eventually 10 minutes wasn't enough so I slowly increased it ( up to a point that it wasn't indifferent, but it also wasn't tedious for me).

To sum up, start small until it becomes a habit then you won't even realize it how easy you do it and just in time. Add it to your routine, if you are a morning person it's more likely to find time in the morning, otherwise you can try at night before you go to bed. Then when you learn how to do it, you can start practicing it through out the day, when you feel like you need it, so it becomes second nature.

Most important of all, you won't find the time until you start practicing.

Grace Q.
I find the time to meditate by incorporating it into my routine. Instead of my mind having a battle of whether or not to meditate, I just simply
meditate at the same time every day. This practice fits into my morning routine great and starts my day on the right foot.