There will be many thought that will went through while we meditating. Is that consider as fail for meditation?

Stavros Z.
Not at all. Mind always tries to go its own way. Maditation is all about trying to limit these random thoughts from interfering into the meditation flow. It takes practice to do that, and the thoughts will never disappear from your mind. Just keep on meditating and try to maintain your focus on… not thinking 🙂

Kata Z.
Absolutely not! The exercise is to allow the thoughts to flow without connection. Imagine a river flowing and the thought is riding on a piece of driftwood past you. You can have the thought, but watch it pass. Dont connect to it and allow it to propagate into many other related thoughts. And even if you do…when you realize your attachment, let go again. It's a practice, failure isn't a thing.

Kaylee U.
Not at all! It is a myth that meditation is wrong unless your mind is blank. What mindfulness meditation can do is the chance to become aware of what you are thinking while you are having the thoughts. You can note and classify thoughts with practice, such as ‘planning’ ‘reminiscing’ etc or just note ‘thinking’ and return to present moment awareness. Each time you witness thinking and return you are improving ability to be present.

Theresa F.
No, it is completely normal for the mind to wander while meditating. We live in a very busy world. When this happens, the best way to be grounded again is to focus on your breathing and count your exhales. Hope this helps!

Shirlei C.
No. As long as you are aware you are thinking, you are practicing and succeeding. Even if you have a day when you are not aware of your thinking until your meditation is over, it’s still just practice. Keep working at it and you will slowly begin to take your monkey mind.

Tina F.
That happens to everybody. That's not failing. We just want to notice each thought that comes in, and send it away with no judgment about us or the thought. One trick I know is to picture the thought in a beautiful bubble and watch it gently float away. Sending the thoughts away will get easier over time, and they will come less often with time, as your brain learns to keep its focus. Even so, it will still happen now and again, and that's ok. You are ok. 😊

Emilie E.
I think a fail is not trying. If you try but you still have lots of thoughts that distract you, it’s a question of practice. You have to start somewhere. Imagine the thoughts pass you as clouds and then go back to your breathing.

Maya F.
No it’s not a failed meditation it’s a great first start. You have to know that those thoughts will flow through so you can learn to block them out the next time. Keep trying. It gets better and when you finally get a great meditation moment you will love it and master to control your thoughts. The best time is late at night just before bed time or first thing in the morning. You don’t want to have a full stomach or on a lot of caffeine while attempting it because it makes it more difficult to relax. You got this. Don’t give up. You will then feel the out of this world energy flow through your body and you will feel brand new again. Omg I can’t wait to do mines tonight.

Clyde O.
Not at all, internal distraction is the same as external distraction. Observe these thoughts and let them go. I like to think they are in a bubble, floating away.

Josilaine S.
Definitely not. Thoughts are present even for those with years of intense practice, and thoughts are bound to be frequent for you. The key is to bring awareness to the fact that you're having a thought and practice kindness and support for yourself in this awareness.

Rosa W.
no i dont think it is cos its natural to have thoughts and we cant really control them as such we can just try turn a negative one into a positive one

S Kr O.
No way, meditation can be used for many different things. It can help you relax, remember things, focus etc. If you feel like your mind has really wondered off. Then focus on your breathing x