Can I meditate in a lying down position?

Charlie S.
Yes, but I find upright is better for sensing the gravity acting on your body, and I find it easier to sense the body's points of contact with the seat when sitting than I do when laying. If it works better for you, do it. It's a valid position to hold for meditation
Liam Z.
Yes you can, as long as you can breathe in and breathe out properly. But remember that meditating while sitting up is the best posture to really be in a relaxed yet focused state because your energy needs to flow straight.
Lola Q.
Yes! I learned that way. My meditation session in the morning is siting, but my evening session is laying down. There is not a lot of rules about meditation.
Alexei T.
Yes! I realized one major thing preventing me from meditating before was my back pain. I meditate lying down now while I continue my physical therapy for it. I'm sure I'll get to the point where I can sit up to meditate, but until then I can still get the benefits from meditating by lying down to do it.
David F.
I’d say probably, but be careful not to fall asleep. It’s not good to get too comfy for this reason. I meditate upright with my back supported, and it works for me
Kate W.
For me it doesn’t work. I can do only if I lissen a guided meditation, but often it is so relaxing that you can fall asleep. The better way is alwais to be sit,back straight, feet combined, palms facing upwards.
Jezabel P.
Yes you may do so there are many meditations that can be done while lying down although these meditations are intended to bring you to sleep so it’s preferable that you use a chair or a cushion and have a straight back .
Gavin J.
Yes you can. Actually ypu can meditate whatever position you want like while walking,sitting you can meditate. Specially sleep meditations and body scan meditations after yoga is make lying down positions.
Ajuricaba C.
Lying down might Make you feel more tiredness rather than relaxed so I would be against it but if u think it’s better for you then by all means lye down
Mary S.
A lot of psychologists say that you can meditation in a lying down position. In my case, I can’t because I think that the lying position is to sleep, so if I lay down to meditate I’ll fall asleep. In conclusion, you have to see what is more comfortable and productive for you, because it really depends on the person.
Mads P.
You can. You can focus on your body and imagining you're sinking in the ground, getting heavier and heavier. It is the same than sitting, sometimes even easier, you just have to be careful not to fall asleep. I personally feel more focused while sitted, thought.
Capucine Z.
I started learning about meditating yrs ago, and as I did it over time, i found that, for me, depending on the day, time, place, any position that feels right for you is exactly right. Long way to say, you can meditate lying down.
Sohan F.
You can, but it's much harder to focus and be intentional. Ideally you would be sitting upright, with your tailbone firmly planted on the ground. That connection helps your focus.
Paul Y.
I’ve found that the position you’re in depends on how you’d like to feel and whatever is most comfortable for you. For example, if you’re feeling tired it may be better to sit or do walking meditation. If you’re in pain or have back issues, or perhaps you’re meditating before bed, laying down may be better. Just listen to your body. 🙂
Damien T.
I certainly do sometimes. It’s a great way to relax better especially if you have back pain. Even if you fall asleep, the Dalai Lama says “Sleep is the best meditation.
Chlo E.
Of course! The point of meditation is to be as comfortable as you can physically, so you can focus on your mental state. So if lying down is best for you, go for it!
Alexander C.
Yes you can! There’s a meditation on the app that’s specifically for lying down to meditate. It’s the full body scan one. I also meditate lying down before bed so just in case I fall asleep while I meditate, I’ll feel totally refreshed in the morning.
Norah E.
Yes! You can meditate in any position. An upright posture can help you stay attentive and prevent falling asleep, but I often lie down to mediate to alleviate pressure on my back. A position that is both comfortable and focuses your attention is best, whatever that may be.
Suzana O.
Of course you can. Meditation is not about body at all. You can meditate every second of your life. If you alert about your breathing or something you focus on. That means you are meditating. You can circle walk meditate. standing meditate and of course laying down. Hope this help
Adail P.
Of course you can. I lie down for yoga nidra.. I I find yoga nidra practices very helpful and healing. I like to sit tall when I am doing my formal practice , it helps to stay focused and alert on your body sensations..You know you are losing focus when you start to slouch. I have had many rewarding practices that way. But when I am sick or tired or doing a guided practice I sometimes lie down as well.
Sisenando O.
Yes, you can meditate lying down. In Yoga, it is called Shavasana pose. “ Breathe in, I do my best. Breathe out, I release the rest “
Timothe O.
Sure, if you won’t fall asleep, but if you tend to doze off, try a comfortable sitting position so you can stay alert in a relaxed way.
Jade Y.
Better position that I usually use to take my meditate time is always to be lying down. It is so great when all of the body (from the bottom to the top) having a ship with the surface.
Jayden F.
Of course, I actually prefer it. It encourages your muscles to relax even more than when you're sitting up. Making it way easier to meditate in the first place.
Marinho A.
Yes, you can cause meditating is something that makes you feel happy and comfy, so being lie in a bed is actually a good position to take 🙂
Keith S.
Of course, I find it more relaxing when I lie down and close my eyes and really focus on what I'm trying to do in that moment. If you cannot lie down then sitting/standing is fine too. You can always meditate the same in any position anywhere, it's all mental.
Tobias A.
Absolutely! There is no wrong way to meditate. It is not supposed to feel like torture. I started that way, but would find I would fall asleep a lot (which is also okay). I worked my way up to the traditional meditation position, first by sitting against a wall, then using props. For me now, my best meditation position is to sit on 2 foam yoga blocks in a kneeling position & I find that to be most effective.
Dianne X.
I can, but I don’t think it’s advisable.
Sitting up, I am more alert and focused and I am able to push for longer and be more refreshed.
Lying down I run the risk of falling asleep as well.