What does your meditation time look like?

Sandeep W.
I have did meditation almost after a month, I saw how the sound focus can come and go like thoughts and how to be in sync with thoughts in journey of become thoughtless 😊😊
Jeremy U.
Well my meditation time is min. 10 min. In this time period i prefer relaxing and calm my mind. I practice mindfullness and do normal breathing
Chathura X.
I do my meditation for 12mins as of now in the morning, right after my morning workout+cold shower. After meditation only I start with my declarations and the day's work! If I finish that off first, I know I won't miss it later
Hans Willi X.
I’m sitting on my bed cross-legged with a straight back. I close my eyes. I take a deep breath in. I deeply exhale. I am now in the head space to meditate. I usually put my eye mask on my left knee. When I’m done meditating, I simply pick it up and go to bed!
Kiki G.
Right now my meditation time is sporadic, not consistent. And my meditation is weak; currently I don’t make it but a few seconds without any noise in my brain. I definitely need more practice, so I added two meditation sessions to my daily routines. The goal is to get both sessions in, but for now I’m trying to ensure that I get at least one session per day in.
Najee O.
Just being, its like being a little child at play. There are no rules and anything is possible, remember allow things to be as they are or accept things as they are and if you cannot accept whats on the outside then accept whats on the inside