How often do you actually meditate? How often do you want to meditate?

Sarah Z.
I want to meditate every day but often don't have time or at least tell myself I don't have time. I need to remind myself that even a 5 minute meditation is beneficial. Better to mediate for a short time than not to meditate at all.
Christiaan P.
I meditated with Headspace, love the app. 5 times a week, looking for every day. I do it in the evening which makes hard some time to do it every day. It took me a while to get just it. Going to meditate right. Good morning luck!
Alejandra Y.
I meditate once per day. Some days are much easier than others. Sometimes a 10 minute meditation seems too short and other a 3 minute one is exhausting. I want – and try- to meditate whenever I need focus, that could be many times per day or once every few days.
Cass P.
I meditate for an hour a day. I used to meditate for two hours a day at least, and that is where I hope to be again in the future.
Sana N.
I meditate twice or thrice a day , and I love doing this it helps me to stay calm and refresh . I can meditate 7 or 8 times a date