When do you know you’ve mastered meditation? Are there any tips for getting there?

Natalie Z.
You don't have to master meditation you have to feel the inner you each and every time you are meditating and you don't have to have tips on how to meditate you have to have a heart to heart connection with yourself

Nikolaj Z.
Don’t look at meditation as something to be mastered. Look at it as a companion for life. The idea is that you learn to spend time with yourself, at peace and in silence. It does wonders, and the more you meditate, the better! (:

Lea N.
When you are waiting for you next session to come. I do meditation lying on my back. Just could not take myself to sitting meditation yet. And it totally does the work. Just love it.

Dana X.
Showing up every day (preferably at the same time) is the biggest hurdle. After that, returning to the practice is just exercising that discipline and focus muscle. It gets easier. Start with 10 minutes and slowly build momentum. I actually have the most success with live Zoom meeting meditations.

Tannis A.
I don’t think you ever master mediyou improve and your thoughts are more focused and you can concentrate on your breathing

Kory F.
You won't ever master it. But you will improve along with many other aspects of your life. Some days will be easier than others, but it's a workout at times. A good key indicator is when your sitting practice spills over into everyday activities. A good way to practice it is getting a meditation app that has a timer, I use insight timer and waking up, then setting a light bell or to go off every several minutes to remind you your meditating throughout the day. People will assume it's a notification from your phone.

Chris J.
Well, that's an interesting question. What would you do if you mastered meditation, move on to something else? Meditation is a practice, something you do. One of the goals is to move away from judgement. Try different types of practice, see what works for you, incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Change when you need to change. Be observant and practice compassion with yourself.

Ryan Q.
It's wiser to think in terms of practice rather than mastery. It's something we experience differently as we change and as life shifts. If we become too focused on how we're doing or a particular goal, we can miss experiencing just where we are.

Jessica P.
For me, I don’t think the purpose of practicing meditation is to master it. It definitely feels like something that’s more focused on the journey and maybe there isn’t even a final destination. Meditation is something I do for myself, to give myself space and calm and build my resiliency so that when things get tough, I’ve got the mindfulness skills I’ve been practicing to rely on. So for me it’s not about trying to master anything. It’s about taking care of me and noticing how doing so helps me grow as a person.

Shirley T.
I’m still working on focusing on my breathing! I have a tendency to let my mind wander. They keep saying return to your breath which I do and that reminds me to pay attention to my breathing.

I like the meditations for relaxing my body and feel so much better after doing so!

Antonia X.
I believe you can never master meditation. But with practice I have managed to completely focus and feel quite drained after. That’s when I realized that I’m getting better. Hope that helps