What is your favorite spot to meditate?

Grace E.
Downstairs on my pillow. I feel calm because there is no noises. There is nothing be distracting me whereas being upstairs it is noises and loud.
Jared Z.
I like to meditate in my room because it is my zen place and I feel like I can be myself and no one is judging me and outside because I can feel the breeze in my face and the birds chirping it is a wonderful feeling .
Kimberly T.
Well I don’t really understand what you are asking but when I clean I chose the things I’m going to clean and write down the things I’m doing then I do it. And then do the same thing the next day
Neve Z.
Outside if possible or in a clean space with something calming going on. Whether it’s a candle, sounds of rivers, ocean waves or something playing on your phone, incense or even just an open window.
Shuntoria S.
In the shower or bed. I try to do it when I'm out at the beach or somewhere really nice where I can take a couple deep breaths
Daniel P.
To my the best place to meditate his a nearby and relax fountain nearby to my house. This place is great because is so silent and there is no distractions.
Dora Z.
Tried it in different places, the place I have come to reflect in a deeper way has been in my mini yard, right beside my plants.
Pragnya F.
I personally like to meditate in my living room early in the morning. Where I live, the sun rises at around 7 so I find that to be the perfect time to meditate. My living room is actually quite spacious and ventilated, so keeping the window open lets in the morning breeze.
Wyles N.
I’m currently meditating in my livingroom since my room in under renovation but once my room is complete I will prefer to meditate in my bedroom
Magdalena B.
The stone on the river. I like to be surrounded by the nature and it's sounds, it is important to me to be in the sun, feel as it is warming me up, I like to sit facing North… It is calming me and helping to connect with myself.
Rayshawn Z.
I feel like the biggest mistake I’ve made was moving out of my mom’s home to live with my fiancée and her mother in a different state. The reason why I feel like it was a mistake is because I knew at the time I wasn’t ready to be on my own. I couldn’t keep a job at the time, and times were tough. But I’ve realized that moving out of my mom’s was a great way to help me get into adulthood. Paying rent, getting a car, saving money. So I’m a way I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to build myself and grow the best I can
Mahika F.
it may seem weird but I usually meditate in my home’s balcony because I feel fresh and open in outdoors but I’m also in the space where memories are made.
Kaylen J.
Ok now I realize that they don’t recommend you to do this but I like to use my bed or I’ll use the floor but I don’t use a cushion. I find my bed to be a comfortable place, a safe haven for me when life get tough. It’s soft and comforting and I think pretty well while I’m on my bed. And as for the floor it is a stark contrast from my bed. My hardwood floors are definitely not the soft, cushiony feeling of my bed but I’m still able to think on it the same as my bed.
Alexa N.
I enjoy meditating in my room by the window because the light streaming through the window creates a sentimental and quiet vibe, perfect to meditate!
Christiana X.
i find that any place with sunlight is the best for me. i try to avoid small areas that are secluded, and instead choose open spaces with bright sunlight. i meditate on my yoga mat about 6 feet from my window. i have a south-facing window which gets the prettiest sunlight. also, i love filling my window area in my room with plenty of plants – they give me a sense of gratitude and purpose.
Sidne J.
I love to meditate outside in nature or on my balcony! It makes me feel very grounded and in tune with nature. If the weather doesn't allow it, by my bed or on my bedroom floor is always the next option!