What do I do when I’ve fallen off track with my habits? Start over from scratch?

Matteo P.
I think to remain try to yourself and to the Fabulous process, then Yes- you do need to “Start Over” with your habits.

But, “ Start over” doesn’t mean that throw out everything you have accomplished in the previous days or even in the previous months.

In my personal anecdotal experience, I have found it helpful to treat the Fabulous App as a challenge to myself and not a competition with others. I want to succeed at developing and sticking to my my habits, rituals, routines, but if fall off track, I haven’t failed- I just need to try again. The key is to recognize that I fell off track and then change or adjust and then try again. It is a lifelong process. It helps sometimes to “restart” because I may decide to change and make my goals more simple and it feels good to make small improvements and build upon them.

Jean F.
No don’t start from scratch. Reflect and be honest with yourself as to why you it didn’t work out. Then make the adjustments to increase the chance of it being successful. Try again. Keep testing. Your method until it works for you. Each time you try you will get closer to achieving it. Starting over would just mean repeating a failed solution and that would be a waste of time and effort
Monique Z.
I tell myself its ok, I’m only human we all have our ups and downs. Get up in the morning and start again. You can do it
Magnus E.
Hi, I usually got frustrated at the beginning and failed on to go on. But with Fabulous it is easier to keep on track. I've started with regular fitness training a month ago. It was hard to convinced myself to go there. But after 3 weeks it became my routine. I learnt that I am able to build new habbits. Important is to get over this 3 weeks period and don't give up.
Mae E.
It is funny that this app appears to be asking me this question personally. Not likely although its algorithms may look at our history to pick whom to send to.
I have a "make change carefully" outlook and am far less judgemental than when younger. Yet I started Fabuloius as I realized I needed SOME level of routine to advance and stay on or near track.

I do not do 100% every day of the habits I've put into Fabulous app. Often I do many and then don't input daily. I started out with 2 over a year ago. Added a few as felt need and am now up to about a dozen. If I miss a few I don't stress. If I miss many a few days then when I pick app back up (I currently have alarms turned off), I do what I can. I do not force myself to "do it all immediately."

A related issue I do have is that I dropped the type of meditation that I was doing, and is on my habits, yet havn't found a regular replacement, and I almost never formally exercise although also in my habits list.

I am recently finding renewed motivation and daily practices for all (still slowly becoming clearer) goals & supporting habits from classic authors like Brian Tracy and Glenn Bland. So I anticipate and expect to restart these and other good habits with gusto. Notice the point about clarifying goals. I am already seeing that choosing, committing to, clarifying, making goals VIVID in my mind and heart; provide most of the motivation needed to choose and do the supporting beneficial habits.

The newest habit I just added was "reviewing and re-reading and visualizing my purposeful goals" daily.

Erin W.
Start with the habit(s) that you know will be the easiest to accomplish. Then slowly add back others one at a time, each day, week, month, whatever feels manageable.
Randall S.
Progress not perfection.
That is called an experience. Use it to figure out the "Why?" Why did I not work out? Why did I eat that "whatever"? What is really causing me to go off course. What is troubling you? Make ammends, forgive esp yourself, journal all that comes to mind – Then Carry On with the plan.
When you are in the ring fighting for your life and get knocked down… If you can look up You Can Get Up!!!
Gwendolyn E.
Yes. Start over from scratch, but this time make your purpose clearer to yourself. You're starting new habits, and that's a step to change. Why are you changing? Are you trying to improve yourself? To connect with yourself more? To love yourself more? Know the reason you're doing this amd keep it in mind, always think of it, and keep trying.
Leila X.
The best way to start your habits is to introduce them one at a time, slowly. If you’ve fallen off track, that could mean you introduced too many too quickly. What I like to do is to cut down to a bare minimum. Or I start over my current Fabulous journey, but I never start over from scratch. “Progress over perfection”
Bryan Z.
No need to start over from scratch. Pick up where you left off as much as you can without it being hard. If you had 10 habits when you stopped pick as many as you can do that feel easy. If that is one or two great if that is eight or nine even better. The ones that you don't start with slowly add them again. Good luck.
Lucas X.
I wouldn’t think about it as starting over from scratch but a continuation of a journey. For example, those who are wanting to eat healthy will eat healthy a good chunk of the time but may go to a birthday party and eat slice of cake. Does this mean that they have to start all over on their healthy eating? No. We are all human and we all have our days where things get too busy and overwhelming. If you fall off the tracks it’s okay just get right back on and keep going.
Allen X.
If I fall off track I would start small and work back up to where I was. This way I don't get overwhelmed trying to pick it back up and will be more likely to succeed.
Frida P.
Hi. For me it would depend on the size of gap from the last practice.. If it's small enough, I would continue as if nothing has happened, if I wasn't practicing for quite some time I would start from scratch (or I would've been overwhelmed). Hope that helped 🙂
Max X.
I dont like starting over from scratch. A day or a week off doesnt mean I've failed, it just means I had a slip up. Starting up again keeps me motivated and like I dont have to redo something all over again. If I have to restart, it seems too daunting and I probably wont do it.
Dinis F.
Exactly, give yourself a fresh start. Start over and build your stamina back up to that level then push yourself to move forward from that point.
Lorraine F.
When you think about it, we're starting over from scratch every minute and every day. I simply view a day or moment missed as a bit of a blip, a part of my experience, something to learn from. And then I go on …
Alicia N.
Continue where you have left. You will probably be a few steps behind, but that's how it is. Don't be guided by frustration. Remember that you learned something even if you haven't remained the habit fully. Better something than nothing. Don't give up on your self-improvement, life is a journey 🙂