What do you guys focus on while meditating?

Floyd U.
I’m just getting back into it, so I’m mostly doing guided meditations at this point – some are body scans, some focus on the breath and some are thought experiments. I find the variety interesting while I’m re-learning, but I know that I’ll get to a point where too much talking is distracting to me. At that point, in the past, I’ve mostly focused on the breath. It’s an omnipresent anchor, it’s always there to come back to when your mind wanders and you don’t have to think about it. It just is. Hope that helps 🙂

Marie Therese F.
Whatever I can. My mind continually wanders. Sometimes I return to my breathing, other times I imagine a space in my mind where I can let thoughts go away. Like I put them in a bubble and they drift off. Or I put them in a bag, the push the bag to the edge of my mind, and promise I will come back for it when I'm done. Some thought can be let go, some need to just be paused.

Freddie T.
On the breath and air that comes in and out of my nose. Actually I’m hooked on headspace but now try to do my meditation without any headphones or external cues.

Terrance P.
My breath and when I inevitably think about something I think to myself that it’s ok to lose focus but let that thought free and refocus on my breath. In and out. In and out ………..in and out…….etc

Jonathan X.
In general I just try to clear my mind. If my mind won’t quiet then I tend to focus on my breathing. I focus on places that feel tense and do my best to relax those places as well.

Ricardo L.
My breathing. It’s hard still because of all the thoughts that come racing in. But I gently pop them like a little balloon & refocus on my breath.

Bernice P.
Breath. My goal is to clear my mind and give myself a break from “busy-ness” so when a thought pops up, I just take a breath and let go of the thought along with the breath.

Sarah E.
It's a personal choice. Sometimes I concentrate on my life, my loved ones or a poem or something I read in the news.
Some people so I've heard, ask Alexa for help. I'm not sure about that.
Good luck and good meditation.

Jamie S.
I focus on things I want to improve, or things that I did well. But, most of the time I just focus on my breath and try to relax by thinking about my breath.

Maria E.
I don’t really focuse on anything. When I am meditating I try to relax and not to think. It helps to release stress and to calm down. At first, it’s weird to think about not thinking and it’s kind of a paradox. It takes time to develop the ability to not focuse. I stared by imagining my happy place and rather feel it than picture it. I close my eyes and focuse on breathing. And then it just kind of happens.

Brett F.
I focus on the sensation in my body, my mood, my day and how to improve them. I visualize myself moving through my exercise and ritual routines with joy and easy. Then I review my mood and body sensations.

Malthe U.
Focus on your breath. Note it's rhythm, depth and speed. Then start counting them (I count to eight out of personal preference). If you find your mind has wandered, gently pull it back and continue counting where you left off.

Lueli O.
I’m blessed to have a spiritual day planner that has a new mantra each Monday, Tuesday is “tuning in & meditation”, Wednesday is healing, Thursday is all about intuitive development, there’s inspirational quotes on Friday, Saturday deals with smudging and cleaning, we end the week on Sunday with self care.

To answer your question I typically meditate through the week on with the suggestion below Tuesday or Monday’s mantra. Occasionally, I focus on the quote from Friday.

Albert E.
I really like the guided meditations in the app “stop, breathe, think” because they give you a theme to focus on like kindness or gratitude. If I’m not doing a guided meditation, I focus on my breathing.