What do you do about pain?

Osama Q.
The best way to deal with pain is to embrace it, acknowledge the emotions related and know exactly what is the message that it is trying to send to you. Pain is a great opportunity for transformation, you transmute the lead to gold as in alchemy.
Angelitta F.
Experience it FULLY then find a creative way to let it go. A lot of people try and push away negative memories, but the only thing that does is stores that negative memory in your body. And then it comes up over and over again and we continue to push it away until we begin to fear the thought itself.

So the best way to release pain is through an awesome technique called EFT Tapping. It allows you to full feel the emotion, release it, and then look at the situation objectively and determine what it is you need to learn from it. There are excellent videos on YouTube for it and it changed my emotional and mental state drastically after doing it. It’s great for healing and releasing painful trauma and hurt. Give it a go!

Soundarya O.
Hello, when i feel pain i just lay on my bed and listen solfeggio frequencies i used soundheal app with head phones subconscious reduces all my pain i never do other tasks while listining may be it helps to you
Malou E.
Pain is not permanent it is temporarily . So for successful life we have to face a lot of problems, pain but i took all of my pain easily and compare with the person who had a lot of pain like person in accident ,and i think this pain couldn't make me to stop from my daily routine so, i neglect the pain and move in my daily routine path easily with focus . So I can't feel any pain at all.