How long does it take to feel benefits from meditation? I am new to this and I kind of just feel like I’m sitting there.

Natalia V.
Try to imagine yourself meditating in a relaxing scenery. It could be anything. Be creative! You could be sitting on a field of grass with a sunset, or you can go crazy and imagine yourself meditating in colorful mirrors!
Kri F.
From my experience,it took me like 2 weeks of daily practice to feel a shift.2months into it plus yoga –> my anxiety and depression were nowhere.A new lvl of consciuosness emerged. Be blessed! Trust the baby steps and go on.Daily 10 minutes of practice are better than nothing.So spend ur time wisely…a change will definitely come if u continue.
V Jas O.
You should feel relaxed immediately for a short time, but for long term results daily repetition would be key. Also try to find a space with no other noise. Try to imagine a clear white background in your head and nothing else. Try focusing on your breathing as you do so and take deep breaths. After about 3-5 minutes if you're doing it right you'll start feeling lighter and you'll feel the fair in your lungs more distinctly.