Is it normal for thoughts during meditation to be kind of loud and busy?

Madeline Z.
Sometimes, depending on your current stress levels and stimuli, I find that my thoughts are very rowdy when meditating. I find it useful to just center my focus on slow, even breathing to help turn down the volume. It may not completely quiet the mind, but it helps mute the din to the quiet hum of an electric heater. And there is something comforting and relaxing about that feeling.
Lol T.
It is normal, the point of meditation is when you realise that you're thoughts are loud you recenter on the thing you're focused on such as breath to train your mental control and know how to realise your thoughts throughout the day
Annemiek Q.
I think so. Mine are all over the place sometimes too. I think the key of meditation is to be able to look at those thoughts and not go into it. Just watch them as they are and try to convert your thoughts back to the breathing/meditating
Bobby Z.
Totally normal. Don’t try to block them. The idea is allowing thoughts to come and go, then notice when your mind wanders off, and bringing your attention back to your breath. I’d recommend the guided meditation app Headspace. 🙂
Estrelita J.
Definitely. However that's okay, just keep bringing your attention back. This may sound silly but I imagine my thoughts are clouds that I push away and they drift off. Sometimes I do a guided meditation if my mind gets too loud, to give myself an opportunity to reset.
Sithara S.
Yes it is normal, for me I don't fight those thoughts I welcome them look at them and reflect on them eventually my mind quiets itself
Deanna U.
Yes! At the beginning your thoughts will be loud and busy and all over the place! I've heard this referred to as the Monkey Mind. Lol. But it is about gently reminding yourself to quiet your thoughts and bring your thoughts back to your breath over and over until it just starts happening naturally and easier than when you first started. It takes time but the effects are incredible.