Do you guys ever feel like meditation makes you kind of buzzed?

Addison I.
The word buzzed is not familiar for me (originaly I am Dutch) and also Google translate does not recognize it in the context of your question. So a I can’t answer the question.
Russell U.
Yeah it does actually. It feels as if you enter a kind of neural state where you are much more relaxed afterwords. Has something to do with the breathing as well I think
Dawn O.
Sometimes it does. I've had that happen only a few times. Once when I was meditating in a tree. I looked up afterwards and the trees seems extra bright and colorful and the wind felt amazing against my skin. The whole experience felt like synesthesia.
Sammy X.
Absolutely! It's like the epitome of a natural high. Which is cool in my opinion because instead of like a drink giving you the illusion that all is right and you're ok, it's actually true!