When is the best time to meditate for a daily worker who always on work mon-fri 8 to 5 ? I definitely cannot do it every evening, sometime I just fell asleep when on it.

Valentim C.
Definitely right after breakfast, before going to work. It helps to channel your energy in a good direction and make the day productive.

Bayram H.
Try doing is as you wake up first thing in the morning. Set your alarm 5mins early and then you can fit it in. This will help set up your day.

Emilie Q.
Meditate before having lunch. That way you will slow yourself down from anxiety, feel better and eat less. It also recharges you for the afternoon shift. Xoxo

Julie P.
The best time to meditate would be just after you wake up every morning. It helps you stay calm throughout the day and be productive.

Rosa C.
When I didnt have time before or after work I would do a 10 minute meditation on my lunch break or around 2pm. I think a 10 minute break is reasonable for an employer to allow and it helped me concentrate through the rest of the day.

Nelson J.
I do it to call asleep sometimes with the sleepy meditations. Otherwise, I do it in the car on the way home or on the way to work. Obviously not closing the eyes or a meditation that makes me sleepy. The reflection ones help to decompress from a long day at work before getting home to busy family life.