What is your personal favorite way to meditate?

T O Y.
Comfortable sitting position, mellow incense burning, a guided meditation that's short to help settle the "squirrels" in my brain then end with binaural beats or a low soothing repetitive noise like gongs, crackling fire or ocean waves.
Diane Y.
If I'm doing a short meditation, I'll often use guided meditations on the Fabulous app or Calm app. If I want a longer session, I usually just go with silence. Sometimes I set a timer where the alarm is singing bowls to bring me out of it gently. Other times, I just go until I feel like I'm done. For longer sessions, I like to sit on a meditation cushion and preferably face toward some sunshine. It really lifts my mood.
Janice S.
I love using Headspace to meditate. Also, trying to be present in every moment, good moments and bad moments. If we can practice present in each moment, we will master our life. If not, we will at least live an awakening life.
Gary J.
I use an app on my cell phone and I use it to meditate in the morning and afternoon. I use the meditations that seem to suit me most at the time.
Derek T.
I don't know yet! I've only just begun this journey. So far I just sit wherever I am, I don't do anything special, my daughter's often making a noise around me, or just reading a book. I put no pressure on myself to make it special, I just do it, otherwise I just wouldn't.
Teresa T.
Mantra meditation or a guided meditation with headphones. Either way, laying down with eyes closed and both hands on the heart.
Johnni Q.
While doing a stretch. I find that a meditative inhale can work wonders when I’m looking forward to something. Maybe even better that a full meditation. One big deep breath.
Marie P.
I prefer turning on some rain sounds in the background and journalling. I may paint, sketch or draw. Or I just might read a good book. But mostly, I just lay down somewhere comfortable and reflect on my life
Karin T.
I like to mediate to help me relax focus on the positive and the ease on my body. To not think of anything else only been in the moment of relaxing and feeling good
Tha Se C.
Listen a meditation song dor 10 min and close my eyes. Relax and try to fill my body with fresh breath, inhale and exhale slowly, lay down my bed and relaxing all my muscles beginning from the head to toe.
Hunter Z.
I’m still pretty new to meditating but my favorite way is lying down, especially before bed. I use guided meditations that I found on the “insight timer” app. I really appreciate how much content you get from that app without a premium membership. I use headphones and find a theme to meditate to. I’ve found some great sleep meditations. It’s also great when I am stressed. There are short meditations just for anxiety. Meditation has really been life changing for me.
Dora S.
I use the Gateway to Presence meditation. I also use a 5 min self love meditation. This is the link. https://soundcloud.com/tooneov/5-minute-self-love-meditation/s-bAKIl
But essentially I think being kind to yourself and thinking about your goals and visualizing them might help too.