Is meditation spiritual or religious in any way for you?

Kristin Morales
Meditation is just a way for me to relax and think about my day and what was positive about my day . It is a great way to think of the positive so you can stay more positive.

Constantin Rasch
For me, it’s not. It’s a way for me to unwind and to relieve stress. However, meditation is such a personal experience that it’s different for some, so just because I don’t find meditation spiritual or religious doesn’t mean others won’t either

Ivanka Kienle
It is both spiritual and religious. Meditation creates a balance mind and sound body. If done religiously it has a profound effect on ones physical and mental capacity to excel.

Everett Woods
For me, meditation is my personal quality time to talk and feel inner me.This helps me to gather myself and find peace and solutions for my worries.

Fredi Peukert
No meditation in my opinion, is for relaxing or focusing, sometimes for mindfullness. Meditating might be a practice in a certain religion but anyone can meditate without religion or trying to be spiritual.

Evelyn Walters
For me, meditation is about myself. I try to focus on my being through and through. I try to understand every feeling and sensation. This doesn't mean meditation can't be spiritual or religious. I believe meditation is what you want and need it to be.

Neil Garza
Meditation can definitely be spiritual and religious or it can be neither. The main purpose of meditation is to find peace and reflection for yourself. To simply slow down, to feel a calm within the busy world we live in.

It can be as broad in spirituality as you would like or as simple as focusing on your breathe and nothing more than that.

Don’t overthink it, just let yourself relax.