Do you get bored of the same meditation?

Rolando P.
I don't always use the same one for that reason. I do what I feel my body, mind, and heart need at that time. Sometimes it's to acknowledge my body and do a full scan, feeling exactly where tension is and focusing on relaxing those muscles. Sometimes it's to slow down and just breathe, etc. I actually have a meditation app that has multiple meditations at various lengths. They have ones for sleep, self care, relationships, releasing tension and feeling your body, etc. It helps to have a guide to keep the mind on track.
Malthe C.
Yes and no. I am happy that I meditate and boredom is considered a healthy thing in my type of meditation. So I think I have not worn out my spiritual materialism and am still wearing out stuff on the way to boredom.
Indra A.
No, if you’re meditating nothing should be in your mind but your breathing so I don’t even think about how boring the meditation is. To me it’s not boring.
Connie J.
If you start to get bored of your meditation try adding a relaxing soundtrack in the background. You can get these sounds from some free meditation apps.
Gabi E.
I would if I did the same meditation all the time. I use Calm which has a 10 minute daily meditation in addition to scores of meditations on specific topics. When I miss doing that in the morning, or in addition, I do a silent meditation. Plus the targeted one on Fabulous.
Al Cia O.
Not actually, every time I do the same meditation is a chance to evolve in that specific scenario. Every day is different and you end up bringing that day experiences or perspective into the meditation and looking things from a different point of view!
Sharlene N.
No, because I rarely do the same one twice. I have a couple that I go back to, maybe once every few weeks? I do the ones in the Fabulous app, and also have an app called Calm that is loaded with guided meditations and sleep aids.
The variety keeps it fresh and helps me stay in the moment – I’d strongly recommend it!
Maja G.
Rarely. I use voice as a launchpad but my journey is never the same. I also try to focus on different things during the same meditation and to explore different aspects of the subject.
Mille E.
I get bored doing meditation after sitting for 3 minutes. My back starts to hurt. But I think it's all a matter of time before I feel comfortable with the position I should take to meditate.
I do not get so bored when I lie down. This has already put me into some interesting experiences. The problem is that the position relaxes me so much that it makes me sleepy.
That is why I am changing according to my state of mind. If I do not feel like meditating in a quiet place and in low light, I do moving meditation …
Christina X.
Never. Boredom is an act of the mind and the ego. If you are truly present, boredom cannot exist. If you are experiencing boredom during meditation, you are resisting and you are expecting something. Repetition and familiarity allow you to let go of the mind and sink deeper into presence. Working with mantra is a good way of exploring this.
Harry T.
I think there are a few wandering thoughts that happen in meditation, and boredom is one of them. With practice, I’ve learned to acknowledge the thought and feelings of boredom and return my mind to meditation.
Johanne C.
No, my meditation is never the same because it’s always new thoughts that pop up and I’m still working on really being able to calm my mind. Since I have a goal to be able to manage my thoughts and emotions every meditation is an exploration of how to achieve that goal.
Mark U.
Yah I do sometimes I just try new ones because doing things over and over is not exciting and as effective as it once was.
Rosl X.
Not really 🙂 I often find myself lost in thought during meditation so it helps to repeat it. I can focus again on the parts I have “skipped” because of being lost in thought.
Brennan O.
No, I personally do not get bored. What I find that happens is my realisation, awareness and understanding of the meditation increases each time I do it.
Donna C.
Yes, I do get bored. And that's natural. When we do something repetitively it is but obvious we loose our interest in it. And when it is about knowing or observing your own self, how could one tolerate it over and over again :p

But the way we make habits, say drinking tea, watching TV, or something such that we do on for long and repeated intervals, we can make the meditation in same way.

My own experience is that rather than making other habits, meditation is much more helpful and beneficial.