What do you guys think when you meditate? Doesn’t your mind wander sometimes? Or is it actually the main point of meditation, where we clear our mind completely and focus on the topic?

Emily Z.
I tend to wander a lot and bring it back to the present without judgement. Sometimes I can pay attention that I went off other times I cannot control it. As my mental state affects my ability to meditate and I’m still trying to understand myself and try harder
Stephen U.
Yes, my mind wanders frequently. When that happens I let the thought go and focus on my breathing or on a Mantra and try again to clear my mind. Some days my mind wanders less than others and those days I feel mentally refreshed.
Hanna T.
It depends on the goal of the meditation I am doing at the time. Sometimes I am meditating on a specific topic or goal and I like to let my mind wander enough to capture my thoughts and feelings about that topic without loosing focus of the main goal.
There are also times when I am unsure about my feelings or needs in general. At those times I try to empty my mind and let it drift until a specific thought or feeling grabs hold and then I attempt to lightly probe the thoughts and feelings to get a better understanding about myself.
Felicia U.
The ultimate goal is to be able to quell all thoughts, but very difficult. Concentrate on your breath and your thoughts. Look at the thought but don't involve yourself in it. If you just look at it from within, it will disappear and you will find that no more thoughts exist till you are vigilant and observant about them. And there is no topic. The aim is to go beyond the breath and thoughts into the still void of peace.
Lydia C.
I try to clear my mind when I meditate. I do have a mantra I repeat every time I notice my mind wandering. Sometimes I repeat it quickly because I am really stressed and I'm trying not to think about anything. Focusing on your breath can be helpful. Pay attention to all sensations, all over your body. Notice how your ankle feels on your left leg.
Ma Line T.
Noting helps. ie: I'm thinking something, now breathe. .. or I'm feeling something, and breathe. .. the mind will wander, it's what it does.. and that's okay.. but rather than try to define the thought or feeling and hold it in mind just note, and move forwards returning to the breath. I think I like guided meditation because I'm listening more than thinking or feeling. The listening occupies that space in me that woukd normally be chattering away. 🙂
Alvin N.
It is natural for your mind to wander because it’s not accustomed to meditation yet. During the meditation it is important to acknowledge when your mind wanders and then to turn your mind back to the meditation and to your breathing. With practise, this becomes easier and you’ll soon find that your mind wanders less and you’re able to more fully commit your mind to the meditation.
Jon P.
I try to bring back my attention to my breath, eventually the mind will stop wandering but it will take time to get there.
Nikolaj P.
It’s okay if your mind wanders. Eventually it will wander less but even noticing that your mind is wandering, as if from the outside, is the point of meditation. Keep going!
Egon E.
You would not be human if your mind did not wander. It's about noticing, acknowledging and returning to focus compassionately not beating yourself up because u did not do it 100 per cent
Quentin E.
When my mind starts to wander I like to attempt to pull it calmly back to my breathing if I am doing a breathing meditation. I try to focus on how the slow breathing feels and when thoughts start to enter, I blow them away mentally. As my breathing and calmness start to take over, the thoughts float more easily away.
Sofia Z.
I try to concentrate on the breathing and of course some thoaught come to mind. I’m practicing to just dismiss them and refocus. The more I practice the calmer and involved I feel at the end of it. I feel great
Diana S.
When you’re new to meditation letting your mind wander can be the best thing for a while, as long as you let each thought float on without building a story around it or letting it worry you. After a while the mind feels heard and it’s easier to observe those thoughts from the outside, then you can try being aware of your senses and asking your mind to shush for this period of time. There are countless ways to meditate, maybe do some reading on different forms, I find awareness or vibration/emotion are my favourite.
Magnus E.
My mind wonders all the time. The way I understand meditation is that the point is not to clear your mind of all thoughts (death does that better) but to observe in a detached way without judgment and gently bring back your attention to your mantra, breath, or whatever is the focus of your meditation.
Asta W.
I try to concentrate on my breathing or th subject of the meditation , but my mind does wander And I have to get it back.
Edouard Z.
When I am sleeping and I am meditating at night, I try not to think about anything but if I do I will have to observe it and just let it go and focus on my breathing.
Roswita U.
Yes, sitting in silence will sometime bring some thought to the surface. I'll try to acknowledge it and return my attention to breathing. And i strangely find that having minutes of silence and not thinking about the issue sometimes lead me to have come to a conclusion or acceptance about the issue, even though I haven't actively pursued it.
Hailey C.
I clear my mind of everything an find my happy place so say and focus on things in life that also make me feel calm and relaxed. If it’s noise yes my mind will wonder to other things or to the item that’s making the noise .
Brian Q.
Well for me, meditation is respirate and clear your mind putting in blank after a hard work routine and wander your mind for me is like going to a world of created.
Jeffery J.
It is totally normal for your mind to wander while you’re meditating. The trick is to acknowledge whatever thoughts that come up and then push them away. I find it easiest to focus on the way my chest rises and falls while I’m meditating. Find the place where you most consciously feel your breath and use that as your focal point to easily bring yourself back from wandering thoughts.
Oc Ane O.
The main point of meditation is to train our focus and awareness to stay where we intend it to be. Our mind will definitely wander off and the practice of meditation is to notice and gently bring it back to whatever you are meditating on, over and over. Eventually, with practice, you can focus longer and longer.
Sinor A.
The point is never to avoid thought altogether, that is essentially impossible. The point is to become increasingly aware of all reflections in consciousness such as sounds, sensations, and thoughts. It is completely normal for the mind to wander, when that happens, simply observe the thought itself and return to the breath or whatever it is you are focusing on.
Erica O.
It is not possible to have a clear mind, we are thinking beings. The purpose of meditation is not to chase or understand those thoughts but to acknowledge them and let them pass, whitout focusing on them.
Valdemar A.
When you find yourself thinking, in any way, notice it and return your attention to the breath. It's like training a puppy to stay.
Bernardo P.
When I meditate usually my mind wanders into whatever my stresses are. I constantly have to go back to focusing on my breath or whatever visual. Clearing out my mind is nearly impossible which is why I struggle with meditation.
Valgi A.
My mind wanders all the time! Our brains are thinking machines, but I always just refocus my mind to the present and how my body feels, without judgement. Whenever you catch yourself wandering, just bring yourself back to the present!
Adam A.
I feel meditation is a like putting a retractable leash on my mind and my thoughts. I allow it wander but i also have the power to bring it back when i want it😊
Edwin P.
Sometimes my mind wanders but other times I try to let thoughts go rather than focus on them. Especially if they’re negative ones.
Joelma N.
I’m watching my ego go by (which wants my attention so it can stay in charge) and letting it’s pestering thoughts pass without engaging or judging them. I’m hoping if I practice that long enough it will give up and shut up.
Soline Y.
I try to just focus on my breathing if my wonders it's natural if your new your mind will wonder but as long as you go back to breathing and focusing o. the breath yur fine.
Joel O.
I think of literally everything and anything. I try my best to focus on my breathe but the point of meditation isn't to completely silence your thoughts and stop thinking all together, it's too let the thoughts come freely to your mind without you trying to block them out with your emotions or something. Your mind wandering is 100% natural and everyone's mind wanders during meditation including Buddhists monks. It's not necessarily the point of the meditation but more of a natural reaction to you being in that blissful state. Instead of trying to block out the thoughts, try to instead recognize the physical feeling of "worrying" about your mind wondering within your body. You then just have to let the thoughts come to you and address them right there and then. Once you do, move on and don't stress about it again because: 1. "stress" is just another emotion you can physically feel in your body and 2. your goal is to focus on what is happening in the present moment, not in the past or future as you can't control either one of them. My biggest recommendation is to go to YouTube and search for a "guided meditation" with a ton of views. They'll take you step by step through the process and you won't e have to worry if you're doing the right thing or not. It's simple, just close your eyes and follow the instructions. Good luck! 🙂
Kreszentia O.
That is exactly the point and your mind is guaranteed to wander off at times. Don’t try to stop thoughts from coming up. If you notice it has wandered, gently bring the attention back to the focus point of your meditation.
Annette O.
I normally read a chapter of the Bible then meditate on what I have read. I found that to be effective because I already have something to think about
Emiliano Q.
As I learned from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar when you meditate you are a witness of all thoughts. You don’t do anything or be anything, you are an observer. That’s it.
Barry Z.
I try to recenter myself when I meditate if my mind starts wandering to issues. I think about my future self a lot. I think about how she is there with my present shadow self and shows me compassion during this time in my life. I have found myself accessing emotions that I repress when I meditate, so I embrace and feel those, rather than my thoughts.
Joselino F.
The point of meditation is not to clear our mind completely- that's basically impossible! Rather, you should let thoughts come and go. Whenever you notice your mind is wandering (which will happen a lot) just accept it, let it go, and return to focus on your breathing.
My mind wanders a lot, and I find that the less I resist it, the easier it is to let it go. I also find it really helpful to count my breaths (up to 10,then start over). If you are having trouble meditating, you should probably find some guided meditations ( there are lots out there) rather than just doing it on your own. They give a lot of helpful advice and can be very encouraging.
Gertraud F.
My mind does wander at times, but I think that it presents the opportunity to observe the wandering thoughts before coming back to the breath as a locus of your concentration. My impression is that the goal is clarity and awareness of thought; wandering thoughts will always happen, but simply being aware of them helps to clarify your thoughts and intention in day-to-day life.