How do you stay awake for evening meditation?

Mari Q.
When I'm meditating right before going to sleep, I'm just not doing it in my bed.
Also, if you're used to 20 minutes in the morning, 10 in the evening is fine and much easier to last.

Umbelina Y.
Take shower with any refreshing bodywash when you came to home after office, have a great cup of organic greentea such as tulsi ginger tea, it is very refreshing and help you to awaken at evening. Try it.

Judith Z.
That’s a good question, I actually meditate to calm down so that I can sleep so I’m usually pretty restless when I began them

Anika X.
If I'm too tired, don't force it. Meditation is about observing, not judging. Being aware, and focusing.

I'll walk around the house to wake up and get some energy. Washing my face with cold water helps, too.

Better to do evening meditation earlier. If I fall asleep then that's what happens. As long as it's not habitual or frequent, I don't view it as a problem. We're all human.

Oliver W.
I don’t meditate in the evening – meditation generally energized the brain so it’s not good to do it too close to bed. Try earlier!

Ida C.
It doesn't matter. If you fall asleep while meditating, you have effectively silenced the conscious mind, which was the intent of meditating in the first place.

Catrina Q.
Try not to meditate once you are already in bed. I find that that when I meditate before I get into bed, I stay awake for the duration of the meditation. Also, make sure you sit somewhere else to meditate that isn’t your bed. I usually just sit on the floor.

Necati U.
I try to notice at the beginning of meditation, or before, how sleepy I am and then I adjust my posture. I also decide if it matters if I drift off a bit. Sometimes it is ok and sometimes my goal is to be alert enough to focus on my breath. Generally I don’t fall asleep often during meditation.

Jennifer P.
I never get tired during my meditation. The practice of awareness keeps me awake. I also almost never lay down always sitting. Unless it is during update. And that is more of a relaxation and not a true meditation for me.

Damian U.
Use your environment to your advantage. Designating a space for meditation separate from where you sleep. This will help you stay awake during meditation and may also assist with any difficulty falling asleep.

Sophia S.
Try doing the meditation as soon as you get home instead of waiting until right before bed. This will allow you to unwind from your day and lower your stress level, but will also allow you to get the rest of your routine done before you fall asleep!