When meditating, I’m usually either sleepy or uncomfortable. How can I control it?

Karen Z.
Stop thinking you're supposed to be controlling it, first of all. And then instead of witnessing the words disappearing into the gap, imagine the words creating a metaphor for what you think meditating is 'supposed to be' like
Eliyah N.
I just started Vipassana at home for next 10 days or even more I’ll meditate 1H on the morning afternoon and evening. Meditation on the morning starts with reconnection with my inner power, reprogramming my conscious mind. Afternoon is a beach meditation, waves are very helpful for doing the best meditation. On the evening I put some kindles for the first 30 min then is the state of samadhi takes me and bounces me like a breath I flow with my breathing. The comfort and right deep long breathing are the most important part of meditation. Then also if I’ve a monkey mind I keep observe it til is disappear
Ananda O.
Our focus tends to be very sharp in the morning, by doing meditation in the morning, your high focus will naturally let you stay awake and present.